A four-person maximum Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership is currently available as a restricted preview from Microsoft.

With up to four persons supported per membership, Xbox Insiders in Colombia and Ireland can now add more than one person to their Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Additionally, despite the fact that it is a shared account, each user can access content independently and play separate games from one another.

For the duration of the preview, the only restriction on sharing a Game Pass Ultimate membership is that the individuals being added must be citizens of the same nation as you. If that holds true when Microsoft launches what we anticipate would be referred to as a “Family Plan” for customers, that means numerous homes might share a single subscription. That will be useful if, for instance, a family member departs from home to attend college.

To share their membership, insiders must acquire the “Xbox Game Pass Insider Preview” Game Pass plan. No user will lose the value of their current Game Pass subscription when they transfer over, according to Microsoft, and they can switch back after this new membership has expired. Anyone invited to share a membership may decline the invitation or wait until their current membership has expired before accepting. In addition, if the invited person does not already have a Microsoft account, one will be established for them throughout the registration process.


Microsoft is experimenting with a Windows 11 PC Game Pass Widget, according to the alt attribute.
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There are certain flaws that may prohibit you from converting to the new membership or cause your account to be temporarily disabled, according to the Xbox Wire post (Opens in a new window) concerning this preview. If you are an eligible Insider, it is wise to read them before attempting to join.

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