Gabriel Moss/SlashGear Image 1 Navigate to the PS5 dashboard’s menu. In the upper right corner of the screen, scroll all the way down to the gear symbol, which stands for the “Settings” menu (to the right of the magnifying glass and to the left of your account information). Select the “Users and Accounts” option by navigating to it. Select the “Link with Other Services” tab from the “Users and Accounts” menu. Click the menu tab, then choose “Twitter.” A request to connect your Twitter account to your PlayStation account will now appear. Select the little Twitter icon at the top of the page, above everything else, rather than filling out the information on this page. A standard Twitter login prompt ought to appear at this point. To log in, simply type your Twitter username and password into any other device. Gabriel Moss/SlashGear Image 2 You should now be viewing the desktop browser version of your customized Twitter timeline after successfully logging in. Congratulations! Now scroll down and exit! You should be able to access any website linked in a tweet directly from your timeline.


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