Google is preparing for the upcoming school year with a number of upgrades for education across Classroom, Workspace, and Chromebooks, including the Screencast app and Cast moderator on Google TV.

APP SCREENCAST With a Screencast software that is practically a full-fledged service, Chromebooks are expanding on the already-existing Screen capture feature (included in Quick Settings or accessible through keyboard shortcut).

The homescreen of this application displays all of your previously recorded screencasts and has its own unique (green) launcher icon. Your face and voice are captured together with the display after you select New screencast in the top-left corner. A marker tool is available for highlighting stuff as you go.

Google will transcribe spoken words and upload them to Google Drive for simple distribution within a school after the screencast is terminated. When watching a screencast, the video is on the left and the transcript, which teachers can modify and trim, is on the right.

Add screenshots and resources to your video after you’ve finished recording it to increase engagement. In order to illustrate or emphasize important ideas, you can even scribble or draw on the video using a touchscreen or stylus.

Teachers can use screencast to help with lesson planning, and students can use it to create video reports. The ability to search and translate transcripts improves the viewing experience even further.

With version 103, this Screencast app is now available for Chromebooks.

MODERATOR, CAST The Cast moderator for secure, wireless casting designed primarily for classroom use is the second significant addition. A supported Google TV device allows teachers and students to share the screen of their Chromebook or desktop Chrome browser. To avoid disruptive or inadvertent screen sharing, the device will display a six-digit secure access code.

With a test program starting this summer, educators will also be able to halt any casting sessions from their smartphone.
Other announcements from Google’s The Anywhere School 2022 event, some of which were previously described, include:

For Workspace Education Plus and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade: Upcoming Google Meet features Instead of only Meet attendees, Livestream viewers can engage in Q


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