In recent years, Samsung has integrated Bixby into its smartphones’ power buttons. In fact, since you can no longer press and hold the power button to switch off your phone, this has gained rather widespread popularity for smartphones. Fortunately, Samsung still permits this, but you must first modify the Side Key’s settings.

To be honest, opening the camera by double-pressing the side key is a terrific approach to rapidly enter it because it is the default setting. However, the power menu used to appear if you pressed and held the side key. It now mentions Bixby. Fortunately, this is still modifiable. You are able to change this to the Power Off Menu with Samsung. Sadly, there aren’t any other choices available. Consequently, you are unable to use to launch another application. Consequently, there are still only a few Side Key settings available.

However, you can select which app to open by double-pressing. However, the majority will just open the camera. Since it is a great technique to open the camera quickly and capture the moment before it is lost.

Advertisement Without further ado, here is how to modify the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s Side Key settings.
GALAXY Z FOLD 4 SIDE Key Change Procedure The first place you should go on your Galaxy Z Fold 4 is Settings.
Scroll down to Advanced features and press on that after that.
Screenshot 20220818 085556 Settings” alt=”Advertisement

Screenshot 20220818 085556 Settings

Next, press on the Side key that you found. It will be near the bottom of the display.
Screenshot 20220818 085602 Settings,

Screenshot 20220818 085602 Settings

Advertisement From here, you can select what the Side Key performs when you press it once and hold it down. By default, it will activate the camera and awaken Bixby. The majority of consumers choose the push and hold option to display the power-off menu. Actually, that’s what it used to do.

Screenshot 20220818 085608 Settings,

Screenshot 20220818 085608 Settings

” alt=””
That’s it. The Side Key can be used to wake Bixby, launch the power menu, and many other things.


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