There are several ways to extract hydrogen gas. Petrofac points out that the name of hydrogen gas varies based on the process used to create it, such as “green hydrogen,” “blue hydrogen,” and other color-coded names.

According to Petrofac, green hydrogen is produced through electrolysis, which is the separation of water into separate oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (to be bonded together into H2) molecules. This enables humanity to use the hydrogen’s potential for propulsion while safeguarding the environment for coming generations. This procedure merely generates oxygen as a byproduct rather than increasing greenhouse gases to the environment.

The goal of GHI’s Hydrogen City project is to boost the global supply of liquified hydrogen gas by billions of kilos annually, enabling for greater use in rocket flight and a variety of other uses. According to GHI , the generated green hydrogen will be transported to SpaceX in Brownsville, pushed on to Corpus Christi, and then distributed to further end customers after that. It will be stored in the Piedras Pintas Salt Dome. By enabling present and future hydrogen-fueled power plants, as well as other fuels and industrial uses including the production of ammonia products and fertilizers, the production will lessen Texas’ dependency on the grid.


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