In recent weeks, The Weather Channel became available to YouTube TV subscribers, although without several of the network’s regional features. We can show you how to set it up. The Weather Channel is now introducing support for local updates for viewers who subscribe to YouTube TV.

After years without any kind of weather network on YouTube TV, FOX Weather made history there earlier this year. However, The Weather Channel soon followed in the wake of a fresh alliance.

Starting on April 6, 2022, subscribers of YouTube TV can access The Weather Channel for the first time.

However, unlike on regular cable, The Weather Channel streaming on YouTube TV doesn’t reliably offer local updates. Instead, radar and forecasts are displayed over broad regions of the US or while cycling through important cities. However, obtaining those local details with your YouTube TV subscription is possible; it just requires a little bit of effort.

HOW TO SET UP WEATHER TV ON YOUTUBE Unfortunately, there is no direct way to access The Weather Channel’s local weather updates within the YouTube TV app or interface. This is something that, however, is still confined to cable companies, and were not sure it will change very soon. However, there is a substitute that gives YouTube TV members access to local forecasts on The Weather Channel.

That is done using The Weather Channel TV app, which is accessible on Amazon Fire TV , Samsung Smart TV, and Roku in addition to other devices. The app will eventually be available on Vizio and Xfinity Flex as well. Sadly, neither smartphones nor tablets support the app.

You must download The Weather Channel app in order to connect it to your YouTube account. However, you must do this precisely on your TV. After installation, a setup screen will appear asking you to link your cable TV provider—which supports YouTube TV—or sign up for the subscription service.

You can search for YouTube TV after accessing the listed URL on a computer or mobile device, and then link your account. This procedure takes a little amount of time. Enter the activation code after gathering the necessary account information. Your TV’s app will automatically update with the ability to stream The Weather Channel live or display on-demand content.

The software will also ask you to verify your location when it first launches. By completing this step, the bottom banner that displays weather forecasts for your community while streaming live footage will be enabled.

Notably, YouTube TV already uses your location to display regional channels from other networks. The Weather Channel shouldn’t currently be unable to access your location in order to provide you with localized updates. I’m hoping that will alter in the future.

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