Ruchi Narain will soon release the Hindi-language drama Guilty. Here is all the information you require for the upcoming movie Guilty 2020, including its cast, reviews, YouTube trailer, and Netflix release date.

This week’s end will see the release of the Hindi drama Guilty on Netflix. Three authors, Atika Chohan, Kanika Dhillon, and Ruchi Narrain, collaborated on the script for the movie. Guilty will be the third movie of 2020 and the thirteenth Netflix original in Hindi. Expect it to be one of the most divisive Hindi films we’ve seen so far because the movie will address subjects like sexual consent, victim-blaming, and rape.

NEW FILM COMING SOON 2020 GUILTY STORY The Netflix India film Guilty, which tells the story of a sexual assault that occurred on a college campus, dives headfirst into the #MeToo movement. Its closing title card is a huge finger pointed at societal and institutional injustice in an effort to provoke conversation and disdain for how society addresses and solves the issue. The movie has a lot to say, but as always, how it says it will determine how well it is received.

This is the plot of the recently released movie Guilty.

The majority of this drama is revealed in flashback as Danish (Taher Shabbir), a lawyer, interrogates witnesses, their friends, bandmates, and bystanders. Then there is Nanki, who is torn between her lover, who maintains that the sex was consensual and an error of inebriation, and his accuser, who uses social media to mobilize a #MeToo campaign and generate news headlines. We quickly discover that Danish is VJ’s attorney and is a result of the power and riches of his family. Tanu is vulnerable to gaslighting since, as we also discover, she is a scholarship recipient and a member of a less privileged social class. It’s a tense situation on the verge of blowing out. Additionally, it is a dark, dense marsh that Danish and Nanki must slog through.

Although Nanki largely supports VJ, she is nevertheless plagued with doubt. As a result, she begins snooping around and playing amateur detective, possibly jeopardizing her chances of receiving a Rhodes scholarship. Additionally, she has severe anxiety attacks for which she takes medicine. Danish is torn between being loyal to the person paying him and the truth.


Here is all you need to know about the new upcoming film Guilty 2020 cast, reviews, youtube trailer, and the Netflix release date.

The cast and stars of the upcoming movie Guilty 2020 are listed below.
Russell Narain
Kanika Dhillon and Atika Chohan
Manu Rishi Chadha, Dalip Tahil, and Kiara Advani

NEW UPCOMING 2020 RELEASE DATE FOR THE MOVIE GUILTY The online series will debut on March 6, 2020.


Here is all you need to know about the new upcoming film Guilty 2020 cast, reviews, youtube trailer, and the Netflix release date.

The first part of the movie is from the viewpoint of the attorneys defending VJ and his wealthy parents as they speak with the college students and band members who were there when the incident happened. Through this, flashbacks are used to fill in the blanks regarding who is friends with whom, who has a reason to lie, the level of classism and sexism present, and how college life was like.

But as you delve further into the plot of Guilty, you discover that authors Ruchi Narain and Kanika Dhillon practically want to trick you into making snap judgments about characters and thinking you know how the story will end, only to crush that hope as you approach the dramatic finale.

Guilty is still an engaging watch, and Dharmatic deserves praise for assembling a complex movie with a female directoriate. We should probably be grateful that there is at last a Bollywood film on the #MeToo movement that isn’t in violation of Section 375.

PENALTY RATES The Guilty 2020 movie has received 6.6 out of 10 ratings from viewers.



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