In advance of the arrival of the Pixel tablet in 2019, the Pixel Launcher now features an even larger grid size as of the most recent Android 13 Beta update.

The Wallpaper and style options on modern Pixel phones let you change the size of the icons on your homescreen. There are a variety of alternatives available, ranging from the relatively big 22 grid to a 55 grid that works well on the Pixel 6 Pro.

However, as was revealed at Google I/O, the Pixel portfolio is getting ready to grow to include a tablet running Android the next year. A tablet would find a 55 grid to be too scant to use, even though it may appear a little dense on a phone. To compensate for this, the most recent Android 13 Beta increases the Pixel Launcher’s grid size to 65 pixels (that is, six columns and five rows).

When using a large enough device, the new 65 grid only appears. Alternatively, you can set the Smallest width in Android’s Developer Options to at least 600 dpi. When enabled, Pixel Launcher undergoes a number of changes that make it more tablet-friendly.

Pixel Launcher tablet layout
Pixel Launcher tablet layout with At A Glance

To start, the Google Search bar no longer receives its own row when held in landscape orientation; instead, it is now tucked away to the left of the pinned apps in your hotseat. The At A Glance section, which occupies the upper-left corner of your first page, has undergone another interesting change. You can now place icons or widgets in the same row as At A Glance because it only takes up 31 square inches.

Additionally, the Allow Home screen rotation toggle is removed from the Pixel Launcher’s Home settings, and the header for “Search your phone” is now “Search your tablet.” You won’t find a setting for your app grid size in the Wallpaper and design options, which is where you previously found it. This implies that users of Pixel tablets will be limited to the new 65 grid.

Overall, it’s more obvious than ever that Google is utilizing Android 13 to get ready for the release of the Pixel tablet in 2019. The Pixel tablet is positioned to be an exciting release thanks to the general improvements of Android 12L and Android 13 as well as the Pixel-specific modifications we are now observing.

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