Google may have repeatedly postponed the release of its first foldable smartphone, but the idea hasn’t been abandoned. Whatever its name, the Pixel Fold or Pixel Notepad, it is still under development. According to a New York Times article, the business is now aiming to introduce the foldable in 2023 instead of the original 2021 debut date.

In 2023, Google Pixel Fold might finally launch. In recent months, there have been conflicting reports regarding the Pixel Fold. While some claim Google is developing the product, others claim the company has put it on hold. This misconception may be brought on by the Search giant’s excruciatingly slow development. However, there is already a growing expectation that a foldable smartphone produced by Google will appear at some point.

The Google Camera app’s APK deconstruction from last month showed the project’s progress is being made by the firm slowly but steadily. A fresh report only added gasoline to the fire. According to the NYT article, Google is looking at creating a foldable phone by 2023. It doesn’t provide any new information on the device, but it does provide some insight into how the plans might be impacted by the rising geopolitical tensions between the US and China.

Advertisement American businesses like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are shifting their production centers out of China. Since the coronavirus outbreak interrupted the Chinese supply chain, this has become inevitable. However, as tensions between the two economic giants have increased recently, the process has speeded up.

Google will reportedly produce some of its future Pixel 7 series smartphones in Vietnam, according to the new report . About half of Samsung’s smartphones, the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, are already produced there. It also has a reliable supply network. By the end of the next year, Google wants to move the production of half of its Pixel phones to Vietnam.

This change won’t occur easily, though. Perhaps for this reason, even after two years, Google won’t have fully left China. Given the robustness of the Chinese supply chain despite all the issues, it is difficult to achieve that. According to people with knowledge of the situation around the Pixel Fold, the manufacturer will need to retain the device’s production near to important Chinese suppliers because it calls for cutting-edge screen and hinge technology.

Advertisement We nevertheless hope that Google won’t further postpone the smartphone, regardless of where the Pixel Fold is made. We are eager to see Google competing in the rapidly growing foldable sector. We’ll keep you informed of any new developments on the foldable Pixel.


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