You might wish to try out the new Pixel Buds Pro in Google’s store before purchasing them if you reside in New York City and are impressed with them. Customers may now test the Pixel Buds Pro inside the Google Store in New York City’s Chelsea Market to see if they like them.

It can be difficult to purchase audio devices like earbuds and headphones since you might get one online and discover that it doesn’t fit your ear or that the sound quality isn’t as good as you had hoped.

Google will address this issue and provide Pixel Buds Pro buyers with assurance. You can test the Pixel Buds Pro there in the Google shop in New York City to see if they work with your ear size or if the sound is good. You can immediately purchase a pair of those if everything looks good.

Advertisement A GOOGLE STORE IS AVAILABLE FOR CUSTOMERS TO TRY PIXEL BUDS PRO IN NEW YORK CITY. 9to5google reporter observations reveal that each station has a Pixel phone and three NFC cards that play music in three different genres. The Pixel Buds Pro’s touch gestures are also explained on another card.

Wearing earbuds that have been worn by dozens of people before you could seem strange, especially at a time when Covid-19 instances are on the rise. Don’t worry, though. In the experience area, there are drinks and replaceable ear tips. Employees at the store switch out the ear tips and use alcohol to clean the body of the earbuds before you try them.

The newest addition to the Pixel series, the Pixel Buds Pro, was created to compete with Apple AirPods. The product comes in four colors, even though Google could have launched them in a wider range of hues. A $199 price tag also sounds more reasonable than the $249 Apple AirPods Pro.


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