We all have to deal with ads since they are a fact of life, and they are only becoming bigger. You should be prepared to encounter more advertising on your user interface if you utilize the Microsoft Outlook app.

Microsoft had already placed advertisements on the app for free users, but they were only visible for a single view. These advertisements would appear in the Tabbed View’s Other mailbox. Basically, all you had to do was utilize the Single view of the program if you didn’t want to see adverts.

Yet, Microsoft will still display more advertisements in Outlook. The Verge claims that the trick is no longer effective. People are beginning to complain that the app’s adverts are becoming increasingly prevalent. This implies that whether you are using the tabbed view or the single view, you will see advertisements. This was confirmed by Microsoft to The Verge.

Advertisement People who do not wish to see advertisements throughout the software will find this to be quite aggravating. One feature of them is their appearance, as this tweet mentions:

Get out of here, @Microsoft pic.twitter.com/o6dSIY85Yt , the iOS @Outlook app is showing me adverts that seem like emails right now.

Nick Smith August 16, 2022 (@yonicksmith)

Advertisement As a result, the advertisements appear to be emails. You can’t deny that these adverts will result in some unintentional clicks, even though they do have a tiny Ad designation on the upper right. You must purchase a Microsoft 365 membership if you don’t want to view any further adverts on the software.

WHO MICROSOFT 365 IS? Many services are transitioning to subscription-based models. Nobody misses the days when purchasing Adobe Photoshop cost $600. It’s the same with Microsoft Office. Microsoft 365 is the name of the company’s subscription-based service.

Advertisement As you might have guessed, this will grant you monthly access to services like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc. You’ll receive a varied set of services depending on the tier you choose to join up for. There are a number of plans available, but the one we recommend will let you access the essential programs for just $10 per month.


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