Google has been publicly lobbying Apple to implement RCS on the iPhone in recent months, and its most recent salvo involves is an unofficial lyric explanatory video for Drake’s new song, Texts Go Green.

The third track on Nevermind, which includes the aforementioned Texts Go Green, was just released on Friday, to be completely honest. The song’s title alludes to being barred on iMessage and having your texts show up as green SMS bubbles.

The video was even posted and published on a mobile device using Twitter for Android in a surprisingly quick turnaround. The song is being used by Google’s marketing team as a way to draw attention to the more widespread green versus blue bubble phenomena that occurs when Android and iOS users exchange phone numbers.

The 38-second video posted by @Android on Twitter is essentially a loop of the song’s opening. It only employs white text on a black background and is read aloud by Google’s text-to-speech technology.

Google made it quite clear that it wants the iPhone to embrace RCS (Rich Communication Services), stressing that Apple is the only company that can solve the issue.

Drake’s new single, Texts Go Green, is a great banger in the Android team’s opinion. It alludes to the occurrence where a user of an iPhone is barred. alternatively tries to text a non-iPhone user. It’s pretty difficult either way. If only Apple’s highly skilled technical staff would resolve this. Because only Apple can solve this issue. Actually, all they have to do is implement RCS. It would also increase the security of texting. Just saying. Good song, though.

RCS enables the transfer of data, typing indicators, read receipts, and higher-resolution photos and videos (Wi-Fi or cellular). In addition, it can offer encryption, as Google hinted at today. This tweet including some well-chosen emoji is trending on social media:

Google’s most recent effort to persuade Apple to use RCS on the iPhone was made on stage at I/O 2022, before Drake today. Additional current instances include:

Apple would have had the chance to integrate RCS with iOS 16 into the iPhone at WWDC 2022 at the beginning of this month. That did not happen, although group conversations will use Tapbacks for no longer spam SMS .

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