You are attempting to open a DIGITIMES Research special report that is provided both a-la-carte and through End Devices Special Report Database services. If you want to go on, you must sign in. During the first half of 2022, server vendors QCT, Ingrasys, Gigabyte, Supermicro, and Tyan, as well as processor suppliers Intel, AMD, and Nvidia, had showcased their new products by hosting events on their own or by taking part in important international exhibitions like Computex 2022 and ISC 2022.

Vendors have created servers with liquid cooling systems to meet the requirement for energy efficiency by cloud datacenters that continually scaling up their server architecture. This addresses the challenges of increasing power consumption and heat generation that come with increasing server performance.

There were two distinct groups of server vendors at Computex 2022. The first group featured the R


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