A $300 discount on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G appears in the headline of all of today’s greatest offers. Along with Ankers 3-in-1 PowerWave Go charging stand at $140 , that includes more. Check out the most recent 9to5Toys Lunch Break after the break for all of that and more.

$300 OFF SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FLIP 3 5G SEES The unlocked Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G 128GB Android Smartphone for $700 is now available on Amazon. Today’s promotion brings the price down from the customary $1,000 to a new low of $300. This is significantly less expensive than the item we previously mentioned by $150 and the Black Friday price of $800.

The newest folding smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G , has a horizontal hinge that allows you to unfold the 6.7-inch FHD 120Hz screen like a traditional flip phone. The experience is driven by the Snapdragon 888, which is backed by 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. In order to complete the package, a second 1.1-inch AMOLED display is placed outside next to the dual 12MP camera sensors. Explore our in-depth review for more information.

$160 ANKERS POWERHOUSE 200 MOBILE POWER STATION Ankers now sells their PowerHouse 200 Portable Power Station for $160 on the official Amazon shop. You’re looking at a $100 savings and a match of the 2022 low, down from $260. Since our earlier mention in February, this is also the best we’ve seen. We found this to be a convincing alternative in our hands-on review for anything from camping and tailgating to charging drones and more. It has a 57600mAh internal battery. Its AC outlet combines with two 2.4A USB-A ports, a 30W USB-C PD output, an AC vehicle port, and other I/O to offer a lot of connectivity.

YOUR WHOLE EDC IS RECHARGED BY ANKERS 3-IN-1 POWERWAVE GO. Ankers’ PowerWave Go 3-in-1 Charging Stand for $140 is now available from its official Amazon site. Today’s bargain, which normally sells for $200, represents a new record-low discount of $60. This represents not just the first reduction of the year, but it is also $13 less than our prior mention from the previous fall.

Anker’s new PowerWave Go charger arrives as its most powerful model yet, offering three alternative methods to recharge the gadgets in your everyday carry. It can handle charging up your Android smartphone owing to a Qi stand that also functions as a portable power bank, which is powered by one of the latest 45W Nano II GaN chargers. Along with that, there is a replaceable Apple Watch puck and a place to put true wireless earbuds. Examine our hands-on review in more detail.

TRADE-IN DEALS OFFER Every month, 9to5Google monitors all of the top trade-in offers on Android smartphones and other devices. If you’re ready to upgrade your smartphone, be sure to check out this months best trade-in deals , or just $300 discount on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G 0 if you wish to recycle, swap, or sell your old devices for cash while also supporting 9to5Google!

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$300 discount on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G 3
$300 discount on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G 4

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