Dead Zebra’s latest line of Android minis feature the popular @Work mascot in a range of occupations, including an IT manager clutching a Pixelbook and another sporting a smartwatch.

Update: You may now buy the latest batch of figures.

Dead Zebra, a design company, has provided many officially licensed toys, minis, and stickers based on the Android mascot over the years. Other Google properties, such as Dino, Chrome’s offline dinosaur mascot, have inspired some of the brand’s goods.

The most recent batch of Android mascot products includes a number of little figures showing Android @Work. . There are a total of 12 additional figures, each of which shows Android in a different occupation with the proper attire and accessories.

Some of our favorites include the reporter (obviously), which has a nicely dressed mascot with a camera and microphone, and the Android barista with a coffee cup, who is wearing an apron. What’s really enjoyable about this collection is the attention to detail. For instance, the Android tech support avatar is clutching a 2017 Google Pixelbook and is wearing a security badge loosely around its neck. The programmer figure is holding a phone and has a painted ( Pixel? ) timepiece on its wrist.

A wide range of workers, including farmers, doctors, construction workers, and others, are covered by the entire set:

Agriculture / Farmer / Field Worker (with cap) (with cap) Barista, Roaster, and Caf (with mug) Baker, Chef, and Food Service (with chef hat andamp; knife) Contractor, Lineworker, and Construction (with hardhat andamp; screwdriver) Coder, Developer, and Cybersecurity (with laptop andamp; phone) Executive, attorney, and investor (with briefcase andamp; phone) medical field, doctor, and nurse (with mask andamp; stethoscope) Delivery, logistics, mail, and messenger (with cap andamp; package) Journalist, Correspondent, or Reporter (with mic, camera andamp; phone) educator, counsellor, and consultant (with briefcase andamp; notebook) IT, tech support, and engineering (with badge, Pixelbook andamp; cable) Waiters, hosts, bartenders, and sommeliers (with towel andamp; bottle)

Dead Zebra currently lists has this set listed as coming soon without providing a price or release date. We anticipate the price of the Android @Work minis to be around about $12 per unit, based on the similarly detailed Activate set that the company already sells.

Update 5/16: Dead Zebra has now opened up sales of its adorable Android @Work miniatures on its web store . The cost of each mini is $12, or you may purchase the entire collection for $132 (a $12 save). You might even be able to discover the figures in stock at some merchants, according to a tweet from the studio.

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