Although there is a significant need for video editing talents, mastering them takes a lot of work and formal training. To access the premium quality content found in paid courses, you only need to subscribe to the top YouTube channels for video editing.

The hourly rate for a skilled video editor is from $75 to $150. You can charge this much if you have the desire to work as a video editor. However, learning starts with simple, modest steps, which you can learn by watching the YouTube channels listed below. Therefore, you should start by understanding the fundamentals before moving on to more advanced material.

Peter McKinnon (5.35 million subscribers), (2.21 million subscribers), and Tutvid are the top 3 YouTube channels to learn video editing (1.14 Million Subscribers).

In addition to these three, there are another 12 YouTube channels listed below that you should subscribe to if you want to learn how to edit videos, especially if you’re a newbie.

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THE 15 BEST YOUTUBE CHANNELS FOR BEGINNERS TO LEARN VIDEO EDITING It’s possible that not all of these channels are available in English. On YouTube, though, you may enable the captions and choose the language you want to read.

P. E. K. I. N. 5,350,000 SUBSCRIBERS One of the best YouTube channels for learning filmmaking and video editing is Peter McKinnon. A Canadian YouTuber by the same name who is most known for creating photography and video editing tutorials on Youtube utilizing sophisticated editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Lightroom founded this channel.

Since starting his YouTube account on February 16, 2010, Peter McKinnon has posted more than 500 videos, including 94 instructional ones. Over 400 million people have seen the channel in total. You can get in touch with the author at his official website, , if you have any business queries.

2.21 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF CINECOM.NET You should subscribe to this channel if you’re interested in learning professional-level video editing techniques. In essence, Cinecom is a business with headquarters in Europe (established in 2014 by Jordy Vandeput) that offers online filmmaking instruction and encourages filmmakers to produce incredible videos by studying their online tutorials and instructive videos. Both a website and a YouTube channel for are available, and the latter has 2.21 million subscribers.

You can find both the free and paid courses on their website. However, you may find a huge selection of artistic videos, as well as free filming and editing courses, on the YouTube channel. Regarding the statistics of the channel, there have been over 153 million views while there have only been 647 videos.

1.14 MILLION TUTVID SUBSCRIBERS Nathaniel Dodson launched the Tutvid YouTube channel in 2006. The founder of this channel is a photographer and graphic designer who began his career when he was 12 years old. He creates a variety of videos for this channel that are linked to video editing, including tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and film editing. Both the website ( and YouTube offer access to Tutvid.

This channel has 18 educational playlists that include topics like After Effects tutorials, Speed Art tutorials, and Speed Retouch tutorials, among others. According to this Youtube channel’s statistics, 972 videos have been posted in total, and they have received more than 100 million views.

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918K SUBSCRIBERS FOR JUSTIN BROWN PRIMAL VIDEO Primal Video is the name of the YouTube channel run by Justin Brown. The founders of this channel are Justin and Mike, and they produce videos that assist viewers in using video to expand their businesses. You may get video editing tutorials, video marketing advice, YouTube ranking tutorials, and some of the best strategies and techniques to raise the caliber of your material on Primal Video.

You may find free educational material on the playlists of Primal Video on YouTube, including tutorials on how to edit Instagram videos and shoot iPhone videos with perfection. Since the channel’s inception in 2013, a total of 358 videos have been uploaded. More than 80 million people have watched the channel in total.

858K SUBSCRIBERS OF JUSTIN ODISHO Both a podcaster and a YouTuber, Justin Odisho. He signed up for Youtube on July 17, 2011, hoping to reach a wider audience with his expertise in photo and video editing. Justin has collaborated with prestigious organizations including Adobe, Amazon, GoPro, and a number of other independent entrepreneurs. He has appeared in TedX lectures and is an expert in teaching professional applications like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

There are a ton of free tutorial playlists on Justin Odisho’s YouTube channel. Examples include tutorials on screen recording, visual analysis, meme creation, film looks and effects, and video editing. This YouTube channel currently has over 90 million views while having only 870 videos uploaded.

616K SUBSCRIBERS FOR WONDERSHARE FILMORA VIDEO EDITOR This is an official Wondershare Filmora video editor YouTube channel where you can get video editing tips and filmmaking techniques. Filmora is a video editing program designed for both Android and iOS smartphones. Millions of producers still use Filmora for video editing since it offers some extra features that other providers of video editing software do not.

You may master the fundamentals of video editing from hundreds of editing tutorials on the Filmora official channel. Since the channel’s creation in 2015, a total of 568 videos with organized playlists have been posted. This channel has received over 55 million views.

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340K SUBSCRIBERS FOR PONYSMASHER David F. Sandberg is the channel’s owner. He signed up for YouTube in 2006. He is the director of Shazam, Lights out, and Annabelle creation in addition to being a Youtuber. You can find movies about animation and filmmaking on his YouTube account. Short filmmaking techniques, behind-the-scenes, directing Annabel’s creation, horror shots, lights out the reaction, pinigt, cam closer reactions, and ponysmashers tiny bits are some of the playlists that are popular.

Regarding the statistics of this Youtube channel, there are 73 videos that have been uploaded in total, and they have received more than 40 million views.

AVERAGE PREMIERE GAL SUBSCRIBERS 328K Premiere Gal is the name of Kelsey Brannan’s YouTube channel. She offers complete video production services along with her online tutorials on video editing and FX. For any business-related inquiries, you may also go to Premiere Gal’s ( ) official website. You can receive weekly updates regarding video editing and Adobe tutorials by subscribing to this channel. The primary playlists on this channel include After Effects Tutorials, Best Premiere Pro Export Settings for Social Media, and Video Editing and Premiere Pro Tutorials. Just 328 videos in all, but this channel has received almost 18 million views.

JUSTALEXHALFORD SUBSCRIBERS: 326K Alex Halford started this YouTube channel in 2012. He is a businessman and a skilled YouTuber who creates videos on how to teach software that is commonly used in the industry, including Vegas Pro, Premiere Pro, Deep Web, Adobe Audition, After Effects, and many others. The Movavi Video Editor Tutorials, Tutorials, InVideo Tutorials, Clipchamp Tutorials, After Effects, and Premiere Pro Tutorials playlists are among the most watched ones on this channel.

64 million videos on JustAlexHalford have been viewed overall, and 1,803 have been posted. The super editor reports that this YouTube channel is ranked #89,643 globally.

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317K SUBSCRIBERS OF ANDYAX One of the top YouTube channels for learning video editing and filmmaking is Andyax. Anders founded it in 2006, and a lot of fresh creators have since joined this YouTube channel. Morten Rustad and Thomas Leypoldt, both musicians, are two of them (time-lapse). You can find a variety of tutorial playlists on this YouTube channel, including “Behind the camera hack,” “movie-making tutorials,” “short filmmaking,” etc.

In terms of Andyax’s statistics, there are just 185 videos on this YouTube channel, but there have been over 20 million views.

292k subscribers to BAI The Bai YouTube channel was founded in 2005, but since 2013, skilled independent contractors have been offering education there, earning it the nickname “skills factory.” Learn how to edit videos professionally on this channel. At the moment, Bai is employed by numerous notable editing software businesses, including Cyberlink Corporation, Flash-Integro, Wondershare Tech, Skylum Software, and many more.

On this channel, there are hundreds of videos that have received more than 64 million views. A brief guide for Adobe Creative Cloud 2021, AutoCad 2015, a quick guide for Adobe Lightroom CC, and a complete guide for CyberLink PowerDirector 16 are all included in the main playlists.

SHUTTERSTOCK’S PREMIUM BEAT HAS 188K SUBSCRIBERS There are 565 videos on this YouTube channel, including Adobe After Effects basics and Premiere Pro tutorials. PremiumBeat is essentially a music website that offers premium tracks and unique sound effects for use in media projects like videos, movies, apps, and television programming. However, the focus of their YouTube channel is on video editing and production tutorials.

There are currently millions of views on the channel, which was launched in 2008. You may find free and beneficial tutorials on video production, motion graphics, and editing at Premium Beat by Shutterstock.

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110K SUBSCRIBERS FOR AVID Basically, Burlington-based Avid is a multinational technology firm. Bill Warner established it in 1987. Avid is well-known for its management services, music notation software, digital non-linear editing systems, and video editing software. Regarding the Avid YouTube channel, it was established in 2005 with the goal of instructing content creators in video and music editing.

You will receive regular updates regarding new editing videos if you subscribe to this channel. Mixing Muse with Marc Carbon, Avid Fastserve, Avid audio company plugin, and Pro tools tech hints are among the playlists. This channel currently has almost 19 million views, and the videos are 2.4K.

SUBSCRIBERS AT POWERDIRECTOR UNIVERSITY 109K This channel teaches people how to edit videos with PowerDirector, as the name would imply. PowerDirector offers more than simply video editing; it also includes some excellent tips for honing your editing skills. The channel’s founder has over 30 years of experience in video editing and is a recognized CyberLink MVP. Speaking of views, this channel has over 9 million cumulative views compared to just 404 videos.

Visit PowerDirector’s official website if you’d want to learn more about video editing. Numerous blogs, information on plugins, tutorials, product evaluations, and much more are available there.

RAMELAN, Zach 89.3K MEMBERS Zach, one of the most well-known YouTubers and a recognized independent filmmaker, founded this channel. He is renowned for Dead Rush and Late Night Double Feature and serves as both the director and editor. He gives instructional videos and filmmaking advice on this YouTube channel to share his years of video editing skills. His shared playlists include Wedding Shots, Tutorial How To, Short Films, and My Premium Beat Tutorials.

Zach has almost 10,000 active followers on Instagram, where he is active in addition to on YouTube. Regarding Zach Ramelan’s YouTube channel, there are 53 million total views compared to 279 uploaded videos.

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CONCLUSION These are the best YouTube channels to learn video editing, as previously indicated. You can watch videos on these channels to get the fundamentals and learn how to use any video editing program.

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What do the majority of YouTubers use for video editing?

Most YouTubers utilize one of the many accessible software programs to edit their videos. Beginners utilize programs like iMovie and Final Cut Pro, and YouTube pros use programs like Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Can you learn how to edit videos on your own?

You can learn anything you want today thanks to the internet. Simply visit YouTube and conduct a search for the information you need. You have the option to read blogs or watch videos. You can advance to premium classes after gaining the fundamentals of video editing.

How can I get started with YouTube video editing?

You can take paid classes on Udemy or to develop your video editing abilities. However, you can watch the videos of well-known video editors on YouTube, including Zach Ramelan, Alex Halford, Justin Brown, etc., if you’re a novice and want to learn video editing for free.

Which YouTube channels are the greatest for learning video editing?


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