The changelog for the August 2022 Google System upgrades has been made public by Google. The latest set of system updates for Android smartphones offers improvements to the Play-as-you-download function. With this option, you can shorten the waiting period by beginning to play mobile games before the download is finished. While the game is downloading in the background, you may click the install option on the Play Store and begin playing. Google’s system changes from August have enhanced this experience.

The Play Store’s mechanisms have been improved, which has sped up and improved the reliability of app downloading and installation. The business is making it simpler for you to find apps and games you might enjoy. Additionally, Google Play Billing will receive some improvements. Additionally, the Play Store has undergone some minor speed and bug updates as well as the addition of new features for the Play Pass and Play Points programs.

Google has added new settings pages for System Management and Diagnostics elsewhere. These screens will offer improved access to and management of Google Play services. Users in Japan now have the opportunity to add new eMoney cards to Google Pay for transit and in-store purchases, while AutoFill is getting a redesigned user interface. Google has updated its features to help developers implement location- and context-related services in their apps. Last but not least, visual and functional upgrades are made to the Android Help and GoogleHelp systems.

Advertisement Users of Google Play services version 33.22 and Google Play Store version 31.1 can access all of these updates. Usually, these upgrades are set up automatically. However, you might always check manually for updates. Open the app, tap your avatar in the top right corner, choose Settings, then navigate to the About section to update the Play Store to the most recent version. From this page, you may update the app.

A TON OF SYSTEM UPDATE PUSHES ARE MADE BY GOOGLE AS ANDROID 13 BEGINS TO BE DISTRIBUTED You may be aware that Google has already made Android 13 available on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project). This indicates that it is currently en route to millions of devices from numerous brands. In addition to this, the business still sends Android devices updates for the Google System. These upgrades affect other underlying systems that support the operation of the device rather than the OS side of things. Google will continue to release these System upgrades for Android devices every month, regardless of when Android 13 appears on your phone.


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