According to the business, Asia Optical has provided optical lens modules for 3D LiDARs to first-tier European suppliers of vehicle LiDARs for Level 4 autonomous driving.

Asia Optical has also collaborated with international vendors to manufacture lens modules used in VR and AR products, as well as lens modules for automotive cameras for electric vehicle suppliers. Asia Optical is also creating head-up displays for automobiles.

For the second quarter of 2022, Asia Optical reported consolidated revenues of NT$4.874 billion (US$164 million), gross margin of 18.26%, operating profit of NT$298.0 million, net profit of NT$281.1 million, and net EPS of NT$1.00. For the first half of the year, consolidated revenues were NT$9.363 billion, gross margin of 17.82%, operating profit of NT$501.6 million, net profit of NT$359.1

By the end of 2022, it is anticipated that Best Precision Industrial, a manufacturer of molds for optical lens pieces and optical cores, and BASO Precision Optics, a manufacturer of optical lenses and lens components, will list on the Taiwan OTC Exchange (TWO).

For the first half of 2022, Best Precision reported consolidated revenues of NT$484.8 million, a gross margin of 32.74%, operating income of NT$116.8 million, net income of NT$134.9 million, and net EPS of NT$4.49; BASO reported consolidated revenues of NT$258.5 million, a gross margin of 36.56%, operating income of NT$60.1 million, net income of NT$52.2 million, and net EPS of NT


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