Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, its cloud gaming service, is ready to start distributing some fantastic games to players this week. The game Assassins Creed Origins is one of those Xbox Cloud titles. NVIDIA has made a startling announcement on the other end of the game streaming spectrum. After being added on GeForce Now just over a month ago, God of War will be leaving.

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FOUR NEW XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE TITLES This next week in June, Xbox has outlined its plan , and, to be honest, it looks like a fairly excellent roster. While Xbox often announces a few games for Xbox Game Pass, some of those games receive a special badge and become accessible to streaming users in its non-cloud iteration.

The perennially well-liked For Honor: Marching Fire Edition will be coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming on June 1. You can choose to engage in PvE action with the Arcade Mode in this gritty medieval brawler or, if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can jump online and try out Breach, which pits you against other players.

For Honor Xbox Game Pass

Assassins Creed: Origins will be made available on Xbox on June 7 through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In keeping with the Assassins Creed series, this narrative takes place in ancient Egypt and has you learning about the establishment of the Assassins Creed brotherhood. This and For Honor are well-known titles entering this week, and we are quite excited for Xbox’s Cloud Games.

Two other titles will also be available on Xbox Cloud Gaming starting on June 7:

June 7th, Chorus, Disc Room For Honor: Marching Fire Edition on June 7 June 1 Origins of Assassins Creed June 7 GEFORCE CURRENTLY LOSES SOME AND WINS SOME A staggering 25 games are scheduled to be added to the GeForce Now collection this month, seven of them will be made available this week:

LEAP (New release on Steam ) Souldiers (New release on Steam ) Dark Wars: Unclassified (New release on Steam ) ABRISS is an attack robot ( Steam ) Mutationem, ANNO ( Steam ) The Directors Cut of Kathy Rain ( Steam ) The Star Wars War ( Steam ) Sadly, it appears that one game that was revealed a month ago won’t be available for everyone. GeForce Now will discontinue God of War on July 1. Despite the fact that this is quite depressing news, there remains hope. Before July 1st, users that played God of War on GeForce Now ought to be allowed to keep the game there. Users who haven’t played the game won’t be able to access it after July 1 if they ever buy it.

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