Along with Laurene Powell Jobs, Jony Ive, and Tim Cook, the 2022 Code Conference was held. As a sort of retort to Google, Tim Cook effectively stated during an rather interesting session that Apple consumers are not interested in RCS (Rich Communication Services).

Apple users, according to TIM COOK, are not interested in RCS. One audience participant brought up this query. That individual thinks RCS might enhance texting between iPhones and Android devices, as does Google. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, I don’t think our users are asking us to focus a lot of emphasis on it right now.

The journalist then retorted that he was unable to send some videos to his mother since she used an Android device. Tim Cook’s response was very curt: “Buy your mum an iPhone,” he stated.

Advertisement Basically, that was it. For those of you who are unaware, Apple has been under pressure from Google to begin enabling RCS. For this, the business has been used the hashtag #GetTheMessage.

Now that iMessage is one of the company’s strongest services, Tim Cook might be basing his assertions on some real data that the business possesses. However, iMessage is one of the best tools for encouraging customers to stick with iOS on their iPhones, so it probably plays a role. In a sense, it locks users inside.

IOS users adore IM, while Android users don’t love it as much. The debate over the green-blue bubble has been going on for a while. It has caused a number of problems, including bullying in schools. We won’t go through it again, but suffice it to say that this is a problem in the US, where the majority of iPhone users rely on iMessage. In other places, it’s not really a huge deal.

Advertisement Additionally, a former Apple executive claimed that the move of iMessage to Android would be more detrimental to the company than beneficial. So there you have it. To be completely honest, that is not surprising.

Apple would essentially enable iOS-Android communication over the internet by using RCS. When utilizing an SMS client with RCS capability, such as Google Messages, Android users would not be compelled to send SMS messages to iOS users when using iMessage, and vice versa.

Google executive responded to Tim Cook with speed. A senior vice president at Google named Hiroshi Lockheimer was now Cook’s quick to reply on Twitter. It is obvious why Apple opposes interoperability, he remarked. However, individuals shouldn’t have to buy their mother a new phone to give her high-quality videos and pictures. #GetTheMessage.

Advertisement In conclusion, Apple has no immediate plans to use RCS. Even without Tim Cook’s most recent remark, that was to be anticipated.


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