We’ve all heard of Wordle, the phenomenon that made us realize how much fun word games can be. While we have all so far enjoyed playing the game without any ads, all good things must come to an end. Wordle may soon show advertisements, according to Axios .

Late last year, Wordle was introduced, and it immediately gained popularity. Using the colored blocks, you must correctly guess the daily hidden word. A straightforward game, it gained popularity quite rapidly. The New York Times actually acquired it as a result of its success.

Because of this, Wordle may soon include advertisements. The creator of Wordle did not make the decision to include advertisements. In fact, the NYT itself is saying this. The publication currently has plans to increase its ad revenue across all of its properties. It receives a significant portion of its revenue from subscriptions.

Advertisement Many more New York Times readers don’t have subscriptions, though. The business will begin airing more adverts on its properties in an effort to increase revenue from those users.

When asked in January if it would be putting adverts on Wordle, the New York Times stated, “Not at this moment.” This implied that advertisements might soon appear on the platform.

We don’t yet know when the advertisements will appear on Wordle. It might happen today or perhaps next month. We do know that Wordle should generate significant cash for the New York Times if adverts are added.

Advertisement MAYBE THIS IS NOT SO BAD. Any end user finds the idea of advertisements frightening on any platform. However, after visiting the Wordle website, the adverts don’t appear too horrible. The problem is that Wordle is quite basic. The area is really deserted.

Without interfering with any of the gameplay, one might insert one or two ads. People won’t like it when it does happen, but nobody will actually be impacted.


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