Pixel enthusiasts were given a sneak peek of the company’s complete 2022 portfolio earlier this month, from this year’s Pixel 7 through the Pixel Tablet of the following year. The Pixel Notepad, however, was the object that was absent. As it turns out, Google appears to have decided to postpone the foldable Pixel Notepad once more.

According to The Elec , Google has once again postponed the Pixel Notepad, which moniker we first mentioned earlier this year. The device won’t likely be released in Q4 2022 as we previously learned due to the company’s altered intentions. According to this story, Google originally intended to unveil the device in late 2021, which supports the schedule that was initially anticipated.

The Pixel Notepad’s delay may be due to the fact that it has fallen short of expectations, say persons familiar with the product. Previous rumors suggested that Google’s product was behind Samsung’s Fold series.

If there aren’t any delays, Google’s first foldable smartphone will be the Pixel Notepad. The gadget is anticipated to sport an Oppo Find N-like form factor, with a small exterior display and a large, wide interior display. With an inside display of 7.57 inches and ultra-thin glass, the expected exterior display will be a 5.78-inch panel. The device will feature a Tensor chip, as we previously stated, albeit this most recent delay most likely means at least the second-generation Tensor CPU will be used. Additionally, we discovered proof that the gadget will employ a camera setup similar to that of the Pixel 6a.

I’m personally very excited about the 9TO5GOOGLES TAKE Pixel Notepad product. For our pocket computers, foldables open up a whole new universe of possibilities. However, I’m absolutely happy that Google is taking its time to enter this industry.

I presently carry a Galaxy Z Fold 3 together with a Pixel 6 Pro, but even with Samsung’s level of expertise, foldables are far from flawless. Nearly a year after the Folds’ release, my own unit’s hinge has accumulated some dirt, making it less smooth than it previously was. Additionally, foldables still have problems with durability that need to be fixed. I’m not sure if I want to use anything as delicate as a foldable given Google’s checkered history with customer support, which, to the company’s credit, is getting better. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see. Google is certainly placing a lot of emphasis on the Pixel right now, thus a foldable is eventually going to happen. I think it would be wise to give the food more time in the oven.

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