Many Android users are continuously looking for new ways to customize their phones since they like doing so so much. A program named might be able to assist you with that. You may construct scrollable widgets using this program.

With the APPBAR app, you can make scrollable widgets. It’s crucial to note that you can add personalized icons to these widgets. Here, you are free to utilize any icon sets you like. In addition, shortcuts can be used in place of standard app icons.

You can choose between the Grid view, Stack view, and List view widget modes. During our usage, we favored the Grid view, however you may accomplish different things with either of these.

Advertisement What makes this so fantastic, then? On your homescreen, for instance, you may stack up ten icons that are readily visible. Other widgets can be added in great numbers, but they won’t be shown until you scroll over the widget in question.

You can get everything you need from a single widget while maintaining a clean setup and keeping your setup to a minimum. YOU CAN FIT ANYTHING YOU WANT IN A SINGLE WIDGET. Otherwise, icons would cover the entire screen.

You can also utilize that if you choose a vertical layout over a grid view. A vertical list allows you to easily browse between the icons while yet fitting several of them in. This is particularly useful if you want to preserve a simple appearance and move those icons to the side.

Advertisement The widget’s size can be changed in the program, and there are also some other choices. But keep in mind that this app is not free. You’ll need to spend $1.99 to get it in order to use it.

Actually, the creator of Shortcut Maker, another really well-liked app for customisation, also created this application. He also created a lot of other things that you might be familiar with.

View the official screenshots down below. If you’re interested, there’s also a link to the app.

AppBar app image 1
AppBar app image 2
AppBar app image 3
AppBar app image 4
AppBar app image 5
AppBar app image 6
AppBar app image 7
AppBar app image 8


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