Doogee unveiled yet another intriguing smartphone. The Doogee S89 (and Pro) is the device in question; it has an enormous 12,000mAh battery with RGB LEDs.

The back of the Doogee S89 Series phones is illuminated by RGB LEDs. The aforementioned RGB lights are located on the back, as can be seen in the photographs that are provided. They are slightly understated, which is advantageous. But when they’re on, you can clearly see them.

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Advertisement Numerous RGB light effects are present and are referred to as Breathing Light by Doogee. In fact, according to Doogee, Nothing Phone (1)’s Glyphs give more light effects.

On this phone, colors can be changed by the user, and you can link them to various purposes. Additionally, according to Doogee, customers will have control over the light patterns and light speed in this feature. You can also arrange various colors in a particular order.

This phone is the Doogee S88’s replacement and features a set of RGB lights as well. However, that device had a 10,000mAh battery, so this is a significant improvement.

Advertisement The Doogee S89 is not especially lightweight, but that is to be expected given its robust shell and large battery. The phone is 19.8mm thick and weighs 400 grams. Actually, considering everything, that’s not too bad.

A MASSIVE BATTERY IS INCLUDED IN THE PHONE, AND 65W CHARGING IS SUPPORTED. This battery may be quickly charged with the help of 65W charging. And in contrast to what many other smartphone OEMs are doing these days, a charger is indeed included in the package. You can use this phone as a power bank because reverse charging is available as well.

Image 3 from the Doogee S89 series is img3


Advertisement This smartphone is powered by the MediaTek Helio P90 and has 8GB of internal RAM. The Pro model of the Doogee S89 has 256GB of storage, as opposed to the ordinary model’s 128GB.

The phone is certified for water and dust resistance to IP68 and IP69K standards. Additionally, MIL-STD-810H certification is included. That, of course, makes the device somewhat drop-proof.

The phone already has Android 12 installed, and there is a custom button on the side.

Advertisement IT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE FROM AUGUST 22. The Doogee S89 series will debut on AliExpress and Doogeemall on August 22. The Doogee S89 series will be discounted on AliExpress from August 22 to August 26. The Doogee S89 Pros will cost $229.99 instead of its usual $459.98 price.

Additionally, a 50% early discount will be applied to the Doogee S89. The phone’s typical price is $399.98, but you can get it for $199.99.

It’s important to note that Dogee will also offer a $10 one-time voucher for additional discounts. However, this will only be available to extremely early purchasers. Additionally, the business is offering two Doogee S89 series prizes. clicking here will tell you more about that.


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