The coffee-stained Google Doodle for today is in honor of Italian inventor Angelo Moriondo, who developed the espresso machine.

Despite the fact that humanity has long appreciated coffee, there weren’t as many options for preparing coffee as there are now. Making one or more shots of espresso is one of the most well-known and exciting choices.

Espresso, a beverage that fits well with all three definitions of the word, has its roots in the word express. Espresso was brewed far more quickly than other popular brewing methods of the 19th century, usually in under two minutes. The fact that each serving of espresso is frequently prepared especially for a customer has a second connotation.

The third definition of the word espresso has to do with how the coffee is actually brewed. Angelo Moriondo, who was born in Turin on June 6, 1851, is credited with developing the mechanical method of making espresso. In 1884, he developed and displayed the first espresso machine.

Espresso is made by forcing pressure, nearly boiling water through coffee beans to bring out the nuances. Two boilers were employed in the original design patent; one used steam to finish the brewing process while the other pushed hot water on the coffee beans.

Angelo Moriondo Google Doodle

Working with a mechanic, Angelo Moriondo constructed the first machine and then gradually improved the concept. According to Il Globo , Moriondo came from a family of business owners, thus each new gadget he made was utilized to promote one of his companies. Moriondos machines were created to shorten the time it took for clients to make beverages in addition to being new in and of themselves.

With time, other innovators continued Angelo Moriondo’s work, but with an eye on mass manufacturing, turning espresso into a staple for European coffee drinkers. Thank Angelo Moriondo the next time you order an espresso from your neighborhood coffee shop and it arrives in under five minutes.

Googler Olivia When has crafted an animated Doodle in appreciation of Moriondo’s contributions to our coffee-drinking culture on what would have been his 171st birthday. This Doodle stands out since it was created using only coffee, a process that can be seen in action thanks to a timelapse video taken throughout the creation process.

The Doodle is divided into three panels, the first of which features a creative interpretation of Moriondo’s original espresso machine patent artwork. The two additional screens first display a working example of Moriondo’s concept before switching to a more contemporary espresso maker. As is frequently the case, you can see the letters of Google hiding in plain sight throughout these three panels.

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