The entertainment package can make a significant difference in your decision when it comes to the inside of a car. Although you can always add aftermarket speakers to your car to improve the sound system, improving the integrated streaming features would be more difficult. It’s important to note that the Mini Cooper SE and the Chevrolet Bolt EV both include Wireless Apple CarPlay, but that’s about where the similarities end. The only other included modern connectivity option in the Cooper SE is SiriusXM satellite radio with a free 12-month subscription, whereas the Bolt EV also has Android Auto.

Along with entertainment, the Cooper SE excels in the category of creature pleasures thanks to its heated leather seats and steering wheel, both of which are standard features . The Mini Cooper SE base model is undoubtedly better equipped, but if you upgrade to the Bolt EV’s 2LT trim level and choose the optional infotainment package, you’ll get heated front seats and a steering wheel as well as an improved stereo system and a pretty good selection of accessories that pretty much bring it back on par with the Mini Cooper SE. Furthermore, the upgraded 2LT Bolt EV is still almost $3,500 less expensive ($30,765) than the base model Mini Cooper.

It’s best to confirm with a dealer if you’re interested in purchasing one because Mini displays a heated steering wheel as a standard option on the SE but also offers it as a paid upgrade option in the car builder online.

Chevrolet differentiates itself from the competition by providing free Level 2 in-home charging installation with the lease or purchase of every 2023 Bolt EV, despite the Cooper SE and Bolt EV being compatible with DC fast charging as well as standard 240- and 120-volt charging. The Mini charges at up to 50 kW at DC fast charging locations, reaching 80% (88 miles) in about 36 minutes, while the Chevrolet asserts that utilizing DC fast charging, it can reach 100 miles in around 30 minutes.

It’s safe to argue that the Mini Cooper SE’s performance, range, and value don’t appear good given the apparent price disparity. For its low center of gravity, superb handling, and go-kart-like driving qualities, the 2023 Mini Cooper SE earned an praise from reviewers rating. The Bolt EV prioritizes value and practicality with its vast storage compartments, long legs, and tall ride, whereas the Cooper SE looks to be intended at someone who enjoys driving and wants a distinctive, entertaining ride more than a workhorse. This is true even though the prices are comparable.

Determining which vehicle is superior can occasionally veer toward subjectivity, but it’s obvious that the Mini Cooper SE has more flaws than the Chevrolet Bolt EV, many of which are more serious, making the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV the more sensible option.


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