new realistic concept design for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is anticipated to debut in Q1 of next year, has just surfaced. This one is from SuperRoader and Technizo Concept.

JUST APPEARED IN A VIDEO IS A NEW, REALISTIC GALAXY S23 ULTRA CONCEPT DESIGN. The prior idea design is not like this one. The Galaxy S23 Ultra concept design was previously released on this very same channel in gold and silver hues.

Consequently, why did the source alter the design at this time and produce a new video for it? Well, the most recent information from a trustworthy insider indicates that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will keep the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s back camera design.

Advertisement The Galaxy S23 Ultra idea from before had a different camera layout. The designer returned with this design after deciding to alter that. Check it out in the video that is linked to the story below.

This phone does resemble the Galaxy S22 Ultra quite a little. That is not unexpected because the actual product most likely will as well. Although mainly flat, its back slopes toward the sides to balance off the front side.

ON THE BACK, FIVE CIRCULAR ISLANDS ARE INCLUDED. The majority of the five distinct circular islands on the back of the phone are set aside for the camera sensors. There’s also an LED flash back there, along with the company’s branding.

Advertisement The gadget has a flat top and bottom, a centered display camera hole, and a curved display (albeit less curved than its predecessor). The smartphone has a docked S Pen stylus that can be accessed from the bottom left corner.

The Type-C connector is located at the bottom, and all the physical buttons are positioned on the right side. Of course, the phone is constructed of metal and glass.

According to reports, the actual Galaxy S23 Ultra will run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC internationally. Although it hasn’t launched yet, that chip will do so later this year. The rest of the specifications will also be top-notch, and Android 13 will already be pre-installed.


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