DALL-E, which has recently made a lot of commotion, is undoubtedly well known to many of you. You may download a comparable app to your phone if you search online. The application in question is called, and it’s an AI art generator that can produce wholly original artwork for you.

An AI art generator app called Wonder can produce original images. But keep in mind, this is not DALL-E. After playing around with the program, I found that the number of comprehensive descriptions was fairly constrained. But as long as you don’t expect it to perform miracles, it can produce beautiful photographs.

Simply tell the app what you want to see in an image, and it will display it. For instance, when I typed “dogs in paradise,” I received the image you see above as one of the results.

Advertisement Select a model for your photograph after that. Essentially, this is the visual aesthetic you would like that photograph to have. For example, you could choose for something a little more comical, somber, or abstract.

THE RESULTS TURN OUT TO BE VERY INTERESTING. Basically, that’s all there is to it. Type “Create” and wait. You’ll receive a final product promptly. Although you can’t really dig into details, I’ve seen some truly gorgeous photographs that this software produced.

I tried typing in things like “green apple car” and “phones arguing,” but I didn’t exactly get what I was hoping for. The program recognized my intentions perfectly as long as I kept things rather straightforward.

Advertisement The trial period allows you to try out the app even though it is not free. Be aware that Wonder is not free, however you can use the free trial time to try it out. The choice is ultimately yours between a subscription plan and a one-time purchase.

View more screenshots from the official app in the gallery below. For your convenience, we’ve also provided a Play Store download link for the app.

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