For those looking for yet another challenging game to put their mettle to the test, Thymesia has just been released. Thymesia aims to test your wits and throw you into the deep end of a harsh and unforgiving environment, much like the majority of games that adhere to the FromSoft model. Thymesia puts you in Corvus’s position. It was created by OverBorder Studios and released by Team17. a half-human, half-raven hybrid that must protect people from an unknown plague.

Your task will be to piece together your fragmented memories and ascertain what transpired once your voyage in the kingdom of Hermes has started. Thymesia will push players to the limit in combat as a souls-like game. So, expect to see a lot of death. However, as genre lovers are aware, dying is not the end. You can only learn to overcome the difficulties you will undoubtedly encounter throughout the game by consistently losing.


Though Thymesia appears to have an intriguing plot, the battle system is perhaps more intriguing. The player can use the epidemic against the game’s characters, who have been adversely affected by it and have turned into horrifying creatures. Players are originally equipped with a dagger for parrying and a saber for doing damage and depleting armor, but Corvus has access to a talon attack that deals more damage.

Advertisement Additionally, players have the option to acquire diseases from foes to utilize as potent plague weapons. Every enemy, as would be predicted, likewise presents a fatal threat to the character. requiring you to precisely time your dodges, parries, and attacks. All of this is tied together in the game to create a recognizable fighting system that necessitates both the patience to study attack patterns and the foresight to strike mercilessly when the chance arises.

Thymesia is now available on PC on Steam, PS5, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch. Despite the fact that you can currently save a little money, the game normally costs $29.99. While PlayStation users may get it for $23.99 till August 24 if they have a PlayStation Plus subscription, Steam puts it on sale for $22.49 through August 25. The game is similarly discounted to $23.99 for Xbox and Switch, but the savings don’t come with a subscription.

Commercial PS5
Xbox Series X
Nintendo Switch


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