US senators sent Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal a letter demanding that he respond to the whistleblower claim, according to Engadget .

Elon Musk is attempting to utilize claims made by Pieter Mudge Zatko, the former head of security at Twitter, to scuttle the purchase agreement. But Zatkos’ allegations against the social media site are so outrageous that even US senators are calling on the CEO to answer for them.

CNN read the letter, which was written by the chairmen of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senators fear that Twitter’s security procedures are detrimental to US national security. The deadline for Agrawal’s response is September 26.

Advertisement Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Grassley emphasized in the letter that these claims raise serious concerns given Twitter’s prominent role in the US communications landscape and its global reach.

Twitter is stepping on a razor’s edge. Twitter has thus far attempted to refute Zatkos’ claims. Twitter lawyers depicted Zatko as a dissatisfied former employee and nothing more during Delaware’s court hearing last week. The majority of the accusations Zatko made against the corporation have gone unanswered by the company as well.

At a Senate hearing on September 13, Zatko brought further accusations against Twitter. Even worse, he said Twitter employed a Chinese security guard. Particularly in light of the present Taiwan-related tensions between the US and China, this claim cannot be dismissed without further investigation. Twitter must explain the necessity of employing a Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) agent. Musk is permitted by the court to include whistleblower accusations in his lawsuit.

Advertisement The business was already criticized by Elon Musk’s attorneys for giving the former security chief a $7.75 million severance package. According to Musk’s attorneys, giving this money to Zatko might be in violation of the buyout contract. Twitter asserted that they had not broken any of their promises or commitments made in the Agreement.

The senators’ letter will put Twitter under further pressure, and they must take responsibility for their security procedures.


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