The Odyssey G70B and Odyssey G65B, two new gaming displays from Samsung that are both cloud-connected, were unveiled this week at Gamescom. The Samsung Gaming Hub app, which has access to services like GeForce NOW, Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass, makes this all possible.

Both the Odyssey G70B and G65B will come equipped with a gaming hub out of the box, much like the enormous Odyssey Ark that Samsung is releasing the following month. The Samsung Game Hub is also accessible on a few Samsung smart TVs, and it will probably soon be available on even more gaming monitors and TVs. In fact, it is almost a given.

Earlier this year, Samsung said that gaming hub would be available for both present and upcoming smart TVs and gaming monitors. And other than the Odyssey Ark, these are the first brand-new monitors that include the feature.


Samsung Odyssey G70B
Samsung Odyssey G65B

Both displays will include the Samsung Smart Platform in addition to the Gaming Hub. These are the first Odyssey monitors on the market with both of those qualities, making them unique. Therefore, you can utilize them without a computer. The Odyssey G70B will be available in two sizes, 28″ and 32″, with a refresh rate of 144Hz. Additionally, several of Samsung’s gaming displays feature the common 1ms reaction time.

In contrast, the G65B will have 27-inch and 32-inch screen sizes and a substantially quicker 240Hz refresh rate. While the G65B has a QHD resolution, the G70B also has a 4K UHD resolution.

USE YOUR VOICE TO MANAGE YOUR MONITOR In addition to the Gaming Hub and Samsung Smart Platform that come with Samsung’s new monitors, they also have voice control. Users can use Bixby and Amazon Alexa to access certain features for monitor management. There is a high-sensitivity far field voice microphone in each monitor. Even when the monitors are off, users can still use voice control by enabling an always-on voice capability.

Advertisement Nevertheless, some people may find this to be a privacy concern. Beginning in Q4 of this year, the G70B and G65B will both be globally available . However, Samsung hasn’t yet disclosed prices or release dates.


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