For a time now, Google Hangouts has had one foot (and several other body parts) in the grave. It managed to endure during the Google Allo era and is currently operational during the time that Google Chat is available. However, Google just announced that Hangouts will be formally discontinued this fall, signaling the end of the service.

Google’s history with messaging services is intriguing. It has undergone countless unsuccessful attempts to make one that is now essentially a joke. One of such attempts was Hangouts, which served as the primary service until Allo entered the scene in 2016.

People were speculating about Hangouts’ impact on the world even back then. The service has, nonetheless, managed to endure up until this point.

Advertisement But in a few months, Hangouts will be shut down. You are likely familiar with Internet Explorer if the Google Hangouts tale sounds familiar. For years, that application was on its way out, and Microsoft finally put a stop to it. It’s now time for Hangouts.

Google just published a blog post discussing the advantages of Google Chat. In essence, the message seeks to persuade those who are still using Hangouts to switch to Chat. The service will formally stop this year in November, the corporation announces in a later section of the piece. Although a specific date was not given, it will occur within the next 30 days.

There are still a few months left for customers to use the service, according to this. Before losing communication, users still have a full four months to switch.

BENEFITS OF USING GOOGLE CHAT FOR ADVERTISEMENT There are always those who continue to use older services and applications long after their replacements have been released. The same is true of Google Hangouts. Despite the approaching day of judgment, some people continue to use this service.

There are several advantages to changing, particularly if you’re a frequent messenger. To begin with, Google Chat will work in tandem with other Google services. The updated integrated Gmail view now includes Google Chats. It will make it much simpler to see every communication you have.

Rich text formatting is another feature of Google Chats that enables you to utilize bold and italics text, @mentions to tag other users, GIFs, and other features.

Advertisement The best part is that most of your Hangouts talks will automatically transfer to Google Chat. As a result, you will be able to continue where you left off in Hangouts. You can download the Google Chats app, and all of your chats should have been transferred over.


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