THE ASUS ZENBOOK 17 FOLD OLED TRANSFORMS FROM A PORTABLE TO A POWERFUL DEVICE. This week at IFA, ASUS once again displayed the amazing and highly innovative Zenbook 17 Fold OLED. ASUS’ response to a flexible and mobile computing environment that moves with you everywhere and accomplishes whatever you want or need it to is the ZenBook 17 Fold OLED.

The ZenBook Fold 17 OLED, which runs Windows and features a sizable screen, has the ability to completely change how you use your computer. Although ASUS calls it a laptop, you may equally think of it as a sizable tablet PC. It is essentially a laptop without a physical keyboard that is attached. However, it is capable of establishing a Bluetooth connection with one, and ASUS even includes one as a free accessory.

The Zenbook 17 Fold OLED may still be used as a laptop even without a Bluetooth keyboard by switching to laptop mode. It divides the screen in half, with the bottom half serving as a digital keyboard and the top half serving as your laptop’s display. Alternately, you may lay it flat and use a touch-screen tablet mode. For skimming through news feeds, it is ideal. Along with online shopping and a myriad of other activities and jobs.

Advertisement Even using the tablet vertically is possible with a minor fold and the Bluetooth keyboard that comes with it. It provides you extra screen real estate for scrolling. You see what I mean. There are numerous ways to use this laptop/tablet.

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ASUS SEEMS TO HAVE CONSIDERED EVERY POSSIBLE USE CASE SCENARIO The Zenbook Fold 17 OLED starts at $3,499, so it is by no means cheap. However, we kind of anticipated nothing less on the pricing front for invention of this size. It is strong because of the 16GB of RAM and the 12th generation Intel Core i7 CPU. And the 1TB SSD provides enough of storage space.

Advertisement What’s more impressive is that ASUS appears to have considered every possible use case scenario. 17-inch tablet with full screen? Check. notebook mode while folded? Check. You can use the Bluetooth keyboard and the kickstand to support the device. or utilize the touchscreen keyboard while folding the screen.

However, we found ASUS’ attention to detail for a stylish yet practical design to be particularly outstanding. When the laptop display is folded and the Bluetooth keyboard is connected, placing the keyboard on top of the folded display’s bottom half transforms it into something that resembles a standard laptop but with a smaller screen. This clever design feature allows for some surface area to be freed up while maintaining a tactile keyboard for typing.

Overall, ASUS is significantly advancing this new sector of the market that includes PCs with foldable displays. And because of all of that innovation and the ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED’s stylish appearance, we awarded it the Best Of IFA 2022 title.


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