We may have a solution if you’re seeking for a classy approach to display your smartphone settings or a custom app. is a fantastic app for carrying out such an action.

FOR APP CREATORS ANDAMP; ANDROID CUSTOMIZATION AFICIONADOS, SCREENSHOT FRAMER APP IS GREAT. We’ve used apps like this before, but this one offers some unique benefits. The software is quite easy to use. The user interface (UI) is simple, and you can display anything from your smartphone screen in 2D or 3D formats.

If you choose a 3D view, be in mind that it is currently in beta and that consequently, certain problems could arise. Nevertheless, while testing the app, we encountered no problems. You may rotate the digital smartphone in any way to take a screenshot and save it. If you select that 3D option, further predetermined positions are available.

Advertisement The 2D mode is much more constrained, but if all you want to do is screenshot something on a smartphone screen, this will work.

The app now gives you the option of selecting a variety of device types. A conventional smartphone, a smartphone with a curved display, a foldable device, a tablet, a laptop, and even some current gadgets, such the Xiaomi Mi MIX, iPhone X, and others, can all be used as templates.

IT CAN EVEN ACCEPT video files. The program supports videos and lets you alter the color of the background behind the virtual gadget you’re setting up. GIFs and MP4 files can both be added to presentations in this way.

Advertisement This app most obviously caters to a very niche market. This program won’t be any use to the great majority of you. You’ll probably enjoy it if you’re an app or game maker or simply enjoy configuring unique smartphone setups.

Though there are adverts in the app, it is free to download and use. Below are some official screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Below this text is a download link if you’d like to give it a try.


Screenshot Framer app image 1
Screenshot Framer app image 2
Screenshot Framer app image 3
Screenshot Framer app image 4
Screenshot Framer app image 5
Screenshot Framer app image 6


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