With so many various phone options in 2022, where do you even begin? Let our ranking of the best smartphones help you choose.

Here, we examine the top Android and Apple smartphones, some of which were picked due to their affordability and feature-to-price ratio while others were high-end flagships.

Since our phones are our go-to gadgets for everything from playing rainbow riches to doing our daily work, it’s important to carefully consider the features that are most important to you when picking a phone. These include the camera, navigation, communications, entertainment, and gaming.

Advertisement The best premium Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. This is one of the most advanced Android phones available, including a beautiful design, amazing cameras, and even an integrated S Pen pen for more versatility.

The best premium Apple phone is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Unquestionably, the biggest and best iPhone will be the apex Apple product of 2022 because it outperforms its predecessor and has outstanding cameras.

For the majority of users, the OnePlus 10 Pro is the greatest smartphone. The main appeal of the OnePlus is its inexpensive price, excellent features, and luxury feel.

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GALAXY S22 ULTRA from Samsung Samsung is king of premium Android smartphones. With its gorgeous appearance, gently curved display, and even an integrated S Stylus pen to boost software experience versatility, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the pinnacle in its class.

With exposed lenses for this design, four cameras are distributed around the device’s back and deliver excellent photographs at various zoom levels and wide-angle focal lengths. The outcomes are quite straightforward to apply and speak for themselves.

Advertisement IPHONE 13 PRO MAX BY APPLE The iPhone 13 Pro Max variant was referred to in T3’s review as the “ultimate iPhone,” and it’s easy to see why it’s the best of the best in Apple’s lineup. It will surpass expectations because to its excellent screen and longer battery life than its before.

Carrying the extra weight is, in our opinion, worthwhile given the vast range of high-quality components included, such as the triple rear cameras, which produce fantastic shots (despite having a lower resolution than much of the competition).

PRO ONEPLUS 10 With a respectable spec at a not-so-serious price, OnePlus has steadily risen the rankings. The OnePlus 10 Pro will likely be the best for many people due to its premium feel/feature ratio balance.

Advertisement The amazing 6.7-inch screen here is what we believed to be the best feature for fantastic gaming and entertainment experiences, especially because of its 120Hz rapid refresh rate and high-res 10-bit color depth quality.

Another feature we really like about this phone is that it only took us around 30 minutes to charge it from empty to full. That’s innovative, which is great because the battery life would otherwise be subpar.

FIND X5 PRO by Oppo The Find X5 Pro is the ideal alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series because to its gorgeous ceramic finish and exceptional camera system. Additionally, just like the OnePlus farther up this page, there is ultra-fast charging.

Advertisement If you enjoy photography, the OPPO Find X5 Pro is truly stunning. It can take stunning pictures thanks to its dual 50MP main/wide cameras and 13MP telephoto camera, and OPPO’s in-house processing technology sets it apart from the competition. In this situation, the real winners are the cameras.

GOLDEN PIXEL 6 PRO 5 Android was created by Google, thus it almost goes without saying that their smartphones are the best Android gadgets. That is precisely what the Google Pixel 6 Pro offers.

The software is continually one step ahead of everything else on the market, providing the newest and best features before anybody else, which is one of the primary reasons to buy Google’s hardware.

Advertisement But that’s not all. The Pixel 6 Pros camera setup is fantastic for taking images in low light and from a wide angle. Even a zoom lens, which the Pixel 6 lacks, is added. Furthermore, Google has its own Tensor processor that is lightning-fast and capable of handling almost any workload you can throw at it.

12 PRO XIAOMI Those who require a lot of power should get the Xiaomi 12 Pro. It boasts the most latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, just like every other 2022 flagship on this list, but in our tests, it surpassed them all! It is ideal for gaming and photo editing because it is flexible, speedy, and reliable.

More than the high-end performance, the screen’s ample resolution and brightness (with HDR10 compatibility) have really won us over. This makes it the ideal choice for gaming and streaming. Everything seems to be excellent.

Advertisement There are various limitations even though the 120W charging allows for a 20-minute recharge. For instance, the camera is limited because it lacks an incredible zoom like, say, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.


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