To contact voters and raise money, today’s election campaigns will employ every medium of communication available. Google is putting up a plan to prevent political campaign emails from ending up in spam folders in response to complaints about Gmail’s screening.

Google wants the US Federal Election Commission (FEC) to approve a pilot scheme that would exempt campaign emails from Gmail spam protection in response to recent complaints over apparent partisanship, according to Axios and verified by the corporation. These accusations of bias were refuted by Google in May , which outlined how:

Several AI-driven algorithms are used by Gmail to decide what gets flagged as spam. These filters examine a number of signals, such as the IP address’s characteristics, domains and subdomains, the authenticity of bulk senders, and user input. This filtering process relies heavily on user feedback, such as when a user labels a particular email as spam or indicates they want to receive emails from a particular sender in their inbox. Our filters also learn from user actions.

Political party committees, authorized candidate committees, and leadership political action committees that are registered with the FEC would all be covered by the new Gmail spam exemption. However, Google will expressly ask users if they want to continue receiving emails from that specific campaign the first time they receive one.

While Gmail’s current phishing, malware, and illegal content policies are still in place, you can still opt out. Additionally, Google will no longer automatically mark emails as spam, but you can still do so.

We recently requested approval from the FEC for a pilot program that could increase email deliverability transparency and inboxing rates for political bulk senders while still allowing consumers to protect their inboxes by unsubscribing or marking emails as junk. We are eager to investigate fresh approaches to deliver the finest Gmail experience.

Google representative
Google already advises bulk senders to utilize Gmail’s Postmaster Tools to monitor the status of their domain till then.

To get statistics and diagnostics that will assist them better understand how to successfully reach their intended recipients, we urge bulk senders to interact with the Postmaster Tools website. The quantity and variety of information we offer in Postmaster Tools are being expanded.

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