This week at Google I/O, Google relaunched Google Wallet, but the firm is still working on Pay. The firm described a hypothetical future feature in which you’ll be shown which credit cards have the best incentives for your purchase during a developer session on what’s new in Google Pay.

With the relaunch of Google Pay in 2021, an emphasis on financial management and the possibility to earn points and cashback on purchases were introduced. Even if that initiative hasn’t exactly succeeded, it appears Google isn’t giving up on the concept just yet.

Google’s Rajiv Apana discussed the company’s newest innovations, including the significant one, Wallet, during the Whats new in Google Pay session of I/O. This delivered a pleasant glimpse of a future objective along with a number of new APIs and technologies that developers will use.

Apana predicts that one of Google Pay’s future features will be the ability to search through all of your credit cards and identify the one that provides the most rewards for the current purchase you’re making.

In the future, we’ll work to give our users even more beneficial details about card perks like points, cashback, and purchase predictions so they can decide which card is best for them when they’re checking out.

Although there is currently no indication that Google has locked this feature onto its roadmap, the mere idea is enticing. If used properly, credit card rewards programs may be very beneficial and profitable, but doing so frequently involves a lot of investigation and effort. I personally would love to live in a world when Google Pay might suggest using one card for its rewards points when booking a flight, but another for its extended warranty when purchasing a new smartphone. It would undoubtedly be a strong argument in favor of Google Pay.

Google hasn’t said anything more about this yet, according to the people at Android Police , who originally brought this statement to our attention. It sounds fantastic, so hopefully it works out.

The video down below will show you the entire session with an emphasis on the relevant statement.
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