Self-sharing to Nearby Share, a redesign of the Google Help app, Android 13’s photo picker, and other changes are included in May’s Google Play system updates for Android phones.

Google updates what it refers to as the Google System for Android on a monthly basis. These range from Google Play Services, the Play Store, to changes to the Android Google Play operating system. Due to the close connection between these three essential components of your phone, Google provides update notes for each of them in a single, convenient area, frequently updating and adding new notes throughout each month.

Follow a direct link to the apps and, if available, update from there to find out if you need to update Google Play Services on your phone. Tap your avatar in the corner, then choose Settings to update the Play Store. You’ll see a button to update the Play Store under the About section. Under About phone andgt; Android version andgt; Google Play system update in the Settings app, users can find Google Play system updates.

The introduction of self sharing to Nearby Share is the standout feature of Google Play’s improvements in May 2022. If you haven’t had a chance to use Nearby Share on your Android phone, it offers a feature that is comparable to AirDrop on Apple products and is available for Windows PCs, Chromebooks, and other devices. With self sharing, you can transmit files, links, and text to another device without having to wait for the recipient device to approve the incoming share.

A revamp of the Google Help app is another significant addition. Google has been gradually overhauling its numerous applications and applets since last year in order to embrace Material You, its newest design language, which debuted on the Pixel 6. It’s probable that Google Help, the company’s knowledge base and on-device assistance site, will undergo a similar overhaul.

Every month’s update also comes with a unique selection of security upgrades. Except for those changes to Play Pass and Play Points, most of the update notes are the same as those from last month.

You must be using Google Play Services version 22.15 and Play Store version 30.3—both of which should have started rolling out as of May 2—in order to get these features, enhancements, and more on your own device. The May Google Play system upgrade for Android has not yet received a release date.

Update 5/16: Google has included quite a few new details in the two weeks since this month’s patch notes went public. The use of video streaming apps by Android Automotive has been improved, and parents can now create a persistent launcher on a device under Family Link supervision.

This month’s biggest improvement is that Android 11 and Android 12 devices will now have access to the improved Photo Picker that Google designed for Android 13. Instead of giving an app complete access to all of the media on your device, the new design will allow you to grant it permission for just a few specific files. Google shared stated when it was first announced for Android 13 that an upcoming Play System upgrade will bring it to earlier handsets.

Bug fixes for services relating to account administration, system management, and diagnostics. CRITICAL FIXES Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV, Wear OS. MANAGEMENT OF ACCOUNTS Migration of the current device setup onboarding sequence for supervised work accounts to a web-based interface for “Phone, Tablet.” Parents have the option to use local parental controls to set a permanent launcher on devices that are under Family Link supervision on their phone. Device connections (Phone, Tablet) Nearby Exchange now makes it easier for users to share content among their logged-in devices. Support for the installation and operation of in-car infotainment system video streaming apps using Android Automotive. PLAY STORE ON GOOGLE The Play-as-You-Download feature has been improved to allow gamers to begin playing mobile games while the program is still downloading, cutting down on waiting periods. New features to make it easier for you to find the games and apps you love. improvements that enable quicker and more dependable download and installation. The Play Pass and Play Points programs now have new features. Improved Google Play Billing. Play Protect is always being improved to keep your device secure. various bug repairs, performance enhancements, and security, stability, and accessibility upgrades. SUPPORT DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS TO GOOGLE HELPS FOR “Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV, Wear OS” MANAGEMENT OF SYSTEMS updates to system management services that boost device performance, stability, and connection. ENGINEERING SERVICES New developer capabilities are available to Google and other third-party app developers, enabling them to support ad, media, security, and privacy-related developer services in their apps. Instead of giving permission to all media assets on the device, a new developer service and user interface let users choose which photographs or movies to share with an app. FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. More.

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