THE RING INTERCOM MAKES IMPROVING YOUR OLD APARTMENT INTERCOM VERY EASY. Ring brought a device to IFA that none of us truly anticipated. Apartment dwellers may benefit from the same smart home features as those who own and live in homes thanks to the Ring Intercom, a plug-and-play device that works with current apartment intercoms.

A WiFi-connected, do-it-yourself accessory called The Ring Intercom is compatible with several audio intercoms. making it very simple for tenants and landlords to include it into their apartment complexes. Additionally, it will improve the standard of living in that unit, enabling the landlord to raise the rent.

Although this is not Ring’s first attempt at an apartment-living product, it is likely to be far more useful and, hopefully, last longer than the Ring Peephole Cam. The Ring Intercom has a much prettier and more contemporary design than the majority of buzzer systems that are currently installed in residences. And should look a little more natural in your residence than what we have right now.

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SIMPLY TAKEN ITS DOORBELL AND MADE IT AVAILABLE FOR APARTMENTS, RING Ring has effectively taken its well-liked doorbell and made it accessible to apartment residents, though it’s not exactly the same. Customers will have the ability to remotely open the building’s door so that delivery services like Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and even food delivery can enter and leave packages or meals. ensuring that it is secure inside the structure and not exposed to the elements outside.

The main purpose of this functionality, of course, being that Ring is owned by Amazon, is to enable indoor delivery of Amazon items. Additionally, prevent parcel theft by doing so. Given that it is an optional feature, it won’t be turned on by default.

The Shared User function of Advertisement Ring allows you to grant others access to the front door so they may open it without your help rather than having to wait for you to buzz them in. Or having to leave your house to make extra keys for family members. Due to the fact that many flats only provide you with one or two copies of the key.

Another useful feature at this place is auto-verified guests. In essence, this capability enables users to assign virtual keys to various users. They aren’t standing outside, then.

For individuals who rent and live in apartments, we believe this will completely transform the game. The ability to have things delivered inside the building is significant since it will make their building a little bit smarter. For this reason, we have given the Ring Intercom this year’s Best Of IFA 2022 award.


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