The procedure for changing your password is slightly different if you’re attempting to access your Instagram account from a computer. You must open the Instagram website in a web browser and click Forgot password? under the username and password fields on the login screen. Next, input your username, email address, or phone number (anything you can remember with confidence) and click Send Login Link. You’ll receive information on how to change your password in an email or SMS sent to your phone. It’s crucial to pick a secure password that is difficult for a third party to guess. A strong password is an excellent deterrent against security or privacy breaches because Instagram accounts are routinely targeted by hackers and account hijackers. Check out this helpful guide to see if your Instagram account has been hijacked.

Let’s now discuss ways to prevent password forgetting in the future. One thing is for certain: memorizing passwords is not a particularly successful tactic. Additionally, it is not secure to write down all of your passwords. 90% of a 2021 LastPass study respondents said they have up to 50 online or app accounts, which is simply too many passwords to remember if you’re like them. Reusing the same one is risky, and passwords that are simple to remember can also be quickly cracked.

Using a password manager, which is a service that helps maintain all of your account passwords across devices, is your best option for handling complex passwords. Password managers allow you create secure passwords for your accounts and save and automatically fill in your login information for websites you’ve already visited. Except for the master password for the password manager itself, you won’t have to worry about making or remembering difficult passwords. You might not even have to bother with passwords any more if Microsoft, Apple, and Google are successful in implementing the passwordless sign-in option they revealed earlier this year.


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