People seem to be drawn to dark themes for some reason. Heck, even the website on which you are reading this essay has a dark theme. Backgrounds in black or deep gray are popular. For this reason, devices like the Google Pixel 6a have a system-wide Dark theme option. It’s not at all difficult to enable this functionality if you want to know how. Here is a little guide that will demonstrate how.

Android Headline provides more information on the Pixel 6a before we get started. This is Google’s newest mid-range phone, and it has already shown to be a fantastic device. Along with a comprehensive analysis of the phone, we also have several how-to articles. We can show you how to use the battery more efficiently, how to put the phone in Do Not Disturb Mode, how to take a screenshot, and how to change the phone’s theme.

HOW TO ENABLE THE DARK THEME ON YOUR PIXEL 6A You may activate dark mode on your phone in a few different ways. The quick settings panel is the quickest and simplest method. To access your notification shade, swipe down from the top of the screen. To access your quick settings, swipe down once more. Check your options by swiping left to see if you can locate the dark mode option.

Pixel 6a Dark Mode 2″ alt=”Advertisement

Pixel 6a Dark Mode 2


Tap the pencil icon just below your fast settings if you can’t see it. When using Android 12, it will be located exactly next to the power button, whereas when using Android 13, it will be located on the right side, immediately beneath the quick settings. You’ll see a complete list of your quick settings when you press on that button. Find the Dark theme button by scrolling through them. Keep your finger on it and raise it to the desired location.

BY MEANS OF THE DISPLAY SETTINGS The Dark theme can also be activated in another manner. To access your settings, swipe down twice and touch on the gear symbol. The button is located next to the power button in the middle of the screen on Android 12 and on the bottom right of the screen on Android 13.


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Scroll down until you see the Display settings page once you are in the settings. Dark theme will be roughly halfway down that page. To turn on the Dark theme, tap on the switch next to the button on the right. You’ll notice a sudden shift to a darker theme.

Pixel 6a Dark Mode 8
Pixel 6a Dark Mode 7
Pixel 6a Dark Mode 5
Pixel 6a Dark Mode 6
Pixel 6a Dark Mode 4
Pixel 6a Dark Mode 3

BOOKING A DARK THEME Some users prefer that their phones switch to the dark theme at specific times of the day. Maybe they want it to come on at night so they don’t check their phones at three in the morning and fry their retinas. To have your phone automatically switch between the Light and Dark themes, establish a schedule.

Advertisement Just tap and hold on the button to access the Dark theme using the fast settings. You only need to tap the button if you navigate to the display settings.

You’ll be directed to a page that is quite basic. You’ll see a toggle switch next to the mode description up top. The last button is called Schedule. You can select one of them if you tap on it.

Pixel 6a Dark Mode 1 (

Pixel 6a Dark Mode 2



Advertisement Your phone can be set to automatically transition to the Dark theme at dusk and the Light theme at dawn. At the time you specify for going to bed, the option below will activate Dark Theme.

You can set a certain time for your phone to enter and exit the dark theme by selecting the top option.

APPS ARE ALSO AFFECTED BY DARK THEME, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM The dark theme affects your programs in addition to making the UI’s backgrounds dark. The majority of other programs will also go to Dark mode, as will all of the Google apps. We have numerous platforms, such as YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram.

Advertisement Just so you know, there are some apps that do not support your system’s Dark mode. Twitter and LinkedIn will both continue to use their respective Light themes.


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