Today, SCUF revealed that it would be working with Quadrant once more on an Esports project for its PS5 and Xbox Series X|S controllers. The most recent collection of fresh designs is the SCUF Quadrant PS5 controller cooperation. In keeping with SCUF’s prior partnerships with several other Esports teams and content producers over the past few months.

The Boston Breach, OpTic Texas, the Call of Duty League, and many more are examples of this. In terms of content producers, SCUF has collaborated with JoeWo and SkyRRoz. Remember that this is in addition to all of the regular choices it already offered. such uses monochromatic hues and several of its own designs.

The SCUF Quadra partnership extends beyond the PS5 controller. The latest Esports design from SCUF, Quadrant, isn’t just for the PS5 Reflex controller. The design is also offered for the Impact controllers, Infinity 4PS Pro, and the Xbox Instinct Pro controllers. That almost sums up what SCUF sells in terms of controllers. The standard Instinct controller is the only one without the Quadrant design. which is the model without the immediate triggers.

Advertisement Generally speaking, however, you can represent your choice Esports team regardless of which controller you like. if it happens to be Quadrant on that team. Despite costing a little extra, each controller in the Quadrant design is reasonably close to the average price.

The Infinity 4PS Pro, which has a starting price of $169.99, is the most affordable choice. Depending on the additional choices you select in the configurator, the price may increase from there. The Impact controller comes next, with a $179.99 price point. If you include more adjustable choices, the cost can also increase.

The personalize feature is not available on either the Instinct Pro or Reflex controllers, which are priced at $229.99 and $239.99, respectively. All Quadrant controllers are available for purchase starting today and may be picked up straight from SCUFs online store . If the designs don’t appeal to you, you may purchase the standard SCUF Instinct Pro in Steel Gray from Amazon along with a variety of colored faceplates.

Commercial SCUF Instinct Pro


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