Elon Musk declined to finish the company’s acquisition due to concerns he had about the outbreak of World War 3 from a gang of Twitter lawyers, according to say . This message was delivered by Musk to his Morgan Stanley banker.

A legal dispute between the two parties has developed around Elon Musk’s bid to pay $44 billion for Twitter. Twitter is trying to find a method to get the billionaire Musk complete the deal despite his attempts to back out of it. Currently, Pieter Mudge Zatko’s assertions as the former security chief of Twitter are being cited by Musk’s attorneys. Zatko previously asserted that Twitter had lied about its security precautions. In response, Twitter stated that Zatko was not in charge of spam at the firm and that he had a serious beef with it.

Elon Musk withdrew from the agreement, but Twitter’s lawyers have now offered a new justification that does not contradict his earlier assertion regarding the prevalence of bots and fraudulent accounts on the platform. It appears that Musk opted to back out of the Twitter deal due to the possibility of World War 3.

Advertisement TWITTERS lawyers think that Elon Musk’s withdrawal from the deal was due to World War 3. A text message that Musk wrote to his Morgan Stanley banker was made public by Twitter’s lawyers. Before Zatko could level his accusations against Twitter, the text was already sent. Let’s take a moment to slow down; purchasing Twitter if a third world war is imminent won’t make any sense, the text reads.

This message was revealed by the company’s attorneys at a court hearing on Tuesday. This is the reason why Mr. Musk was against purchasing Twitter; everything said regarding bots, mDAUs (monetizable daily active users), and Zatko is a ruse.

Lawyers for Elon Musk have previously looked at Zatkos’ claims as a possible exit strategy. They now claim that their client was unrelated to Zatkos’ whistleblower allegation. They also think Twitter concealed damaging material on purpose.

Advertisement Although Musk’s attorneys are attempting to push back the court date, Twitter and Musk have already agreed to appear in court in October. They claimed responsibility for the confusion and delay at the conclusion of the hearing on Tuesday.


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