For the newest offers and more, make sure to follow AA1 on Twitter. Sign-up for our newsletters to receive daily email updates of our top deals. It’s time for our weekly roundup of Google Play’s top Android game and software offers. Check out the price decreases we are watching on Samsung’s all-new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and its Galaxy Watch 4 Classic before diving into those, though. Regarding the apps, we are offering special prices on a number of titles, including A Good Snowman, Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord, Aeon’s End, Viewport – The Game, and many others. See the complete list of the top Android game and software deals below.

THE BEST ANDROID APP DEALS OF THE DAY: DSLR Camera Pro with manual mode A decent snowman Four Kingdoms Final Warlord Infinite Aeon The video game Viewport The offer we are watching on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm and today’s $200 price drop on Samsung’s all-new Galaxy Z Fold 4 are the two best Android hardware deals available today. Check out the discounts on Spigen’s latest 15W Samsung Wireless Charger Stand , PNY’s 32GB Elite Class 10 microSD card , and the Samsung 43-inch 4K smart monitor joining our follow us 0 for add-on offerings.

STILL AVAILABLE ANDROID APP DEALS: DESCRIPTION OF THREE KINGDOMS THE LAST WARLORD: Chengdu Longyou Studio created the turn-based strategy game Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord. The game company mostly used feedback from players of other games set during the Three Kingdoms to construct this game’s setting. The distinctions between various towns, as well as the skills and characteristics of the military officers, are all depicted in great depth in the game. The game also uses an engaging fighting system where each battle’s outcome will vary depending on the terrain, weather, and other variables.

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