Samsung may be preparing to introduce new foldables tomorrow, but behind the scenes, the company has already started developing the Galaxy S23 series, which will be its next-generation flagship smartphone. The phones, which are anticipated to debut in early 2023, have surfaced in rumors a few times lately. Thanks to leaking firmware files, we now know more details regarding the Ultra model.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra name is first and foremost confirmed by the leaked material. The smartphone is identified by the SM-S918 model number, according to a screenshot posted by the source . This is consistent with the Galaxy S series of Samsung’s revised model numbering system. The model numbers SM-S901, SM-S906, and SM-S908 are used to identify the Galaxy S22 lineup. The identifiers for the stock Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 should be SM-S911 and SM-S916, respectively.

We can see that Samsung is creating software for the Galaxy S23 Ultra in many regional languages. The identifiers SM-S918U and SM-S918U1, which should be the US carrier-locked and unlocked variants, respectively, are included in the screenshot. Additionally, the SM-S918BDS (European dual-SIM) and SM-S918W are mentioned (Canada). The Galaxy S23 Ultra will be known as DM3, according to another piece of information that was leaked.

Advertisement As previously said, this leak concerning the Galaxy S23 Ultra is not the first. A handful of those criticisms have already been leveled at the next Samsung flagship. The handset will be the first Galaxy to include a 200-megapixel camera, if early claims are to be believed. The two zoom cameras, the ultrawide lens, the selfie camera, and reportedly the battery will all be carried over from the existing Ultra.

Despite Qualcomm’s impending Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, Samsung will switch to a newer SoC. The phone will presumably be powered by this chipset throughout the world, as the Korean company has discontinued using its own Exynos processors. As the development moves along, we anticipate learning more about the Galaxy S23 series in the upcoming months.

Early in 2023, THE GALAXY S23 SERIES WILL BE RELEASED. Tomorrow is the big launch event for Samsung. During Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, new foldables and smartwatches will be unveiled. All eyes are currently on the impending event, but after the new devices hit store shelves, attention will gradually move to the Galaxy S23 series. In January or February 2023, the latter is anticipated to become official.

Advertisement You may watch tomorrow’s Galaxy Unpacked live on the Samsung website and YouTube channel in the interim. The program gets underway at 9:00 ET/1:00 PM ET. As soon as there are any announcements at the event, we’ll let you know.

Galaxy S23 Ultra model numbers and codename leak, respectively,

Galaxy S23 Ultra model numbers codename leak

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