In order to encourage visitors to read shorter articles, Google started is testing a new label on its search results pages. The Quick Read label adds a andlt;5 Min. as can be seen in the screenshots below. The brief article SEO description is below. Read it.

Most consumers now like to read brief articles and get solutions as quickly as possible. For users to find rapid solutions, Google continually adds new capabilities to its search page. A notable illustration of Google’s efforts to offer users prompt and accurate information is Featured Snippets. To encourage visitors to click on shorter articles, the search engine giant is currently experimenting a label beneath them.

THE QUICK READ LABEL IS BRINGED BY GOOGLE TO SEARCH PAGES Since RSS feed readers have been using it for a while, if you have ever used one, you are already familiar with its capability. In some situations, particularly while rushing to get a response, the feature could be useful. Additionally, it can aid content authors in avoiding writing redundant texts and producing shorter but more important content.

Advertisement According to reports, Google is testing various iterations of Quick Read labels for desktop and mobile devices. You can see a label with a blue clock icon and black text in the screenshots below, as well as a label with a gray icon and gray text. The branding was even visible in gray and blue for certain PC users.

The final label will be one of these, and the Quick Read is still in the testing stage. Additionally, since Google typically adds new features to its search page quickly, we shouldn’t wait too long to see Quick Read labels on the search pages.

Google’s recent actions imply that the firm is committed to enhancing and strengthening its search experience. Users will be able to start streaming a game right from the search results thanks to the search engine giant’s addition of game streaming to the search sites. The business also started experimenting with widgets for the search desktop homepage.


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