We came across yet another pretty intriguing app when perusing the Google Play Store. This one is called and it’s an Android app that scans food. It’s not only limited to food products, though; it can also scan cosmetics.

A VERY USEFUL FOOD-SCANNING APP THAT CAN ALSO SCANNES COSMETICAL PRODUCTS IS CALLED YUKA. In any case, all you need to do is scan the product’s barcode to have the app display its ingredients. But that’s not the finest part. Additionally, it will give you a rating, indicating how beneficial or detrimental a particular product is to your health.

It will indicate whether it is superb, good, mediocre, or poor. In order for you to comprehend the rating it has earned, it will also provide you with extra information on it. Every food item is assessed by the company based on three factors: nutritional value, additives, and organic content.

Advertisement The grading technique for cosmetic items is based on an examination of the constituents. According to recent scientific studies, each of its constituents has a certain amount of risk.

Additionally, it has a helpful product recommendation function. As if that weren’t enough, Yuka will suggest a comparable product as a substitute for each product you scan and receive a poor rating. Naturally, the grade of the product it recommends will be higher.

Almost everyone can benefit from using this software. It can aid in your general avoidance of unhealthy products. It can also benefit those who have allergies, diabetes, celiac disease, and other conditions.

Advertisement The app itself looks fantastic as well. The layout is straightforward, and the products are the main attraction. The software is quite simple to use and everything is evenly spread out and easy to read.

Although Yuka is available for free, you can explore in-app purchases. We’ve provided a link below in case you’d want to access the Play Store to give it a try. You can also view some official screenshots in the gallery below.


Yuka app image 1
Yuka app image 2
Yuka app image 3
Yuka app image 4
Yuka app image 5
Yuka app image 6


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