One of the most well-known cuisines in the world is Moroccan. It could be challenging to create a Moroccan cuisine if you are not Moroccan. You can prepare delicious Moroccan cuisine, nevertheless, if you learn to cook from the top Moroccan food YouTubers.

French colonialism clearly had an impact on Moroccan cuisine and drink, thus it is easy to see how it has influenced Moroccan recipes. Many Moroccans still consume bread and olive oil for breakfast. Whatever the customs, Morocco is still regarded as a culinary paradise. After viewing the videos of these YouTubers, you can also prepare a great Moroccan dinner at home.

Chef Rachida, Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro, and a number of others are the top Moroccan food YouTubers.

As you scroll down the article, you’ll read about more Moroccan food YouTubers. All of these YouTubers have a sizable number of subscribers and video views.

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2021’s TOP MOROCCAN FOOD YOUTUBERS TO FOLLOW In terms of the best cuisine in the world, Morocco is a nation for food enthusiasts. Most visitors to Morocco hope to try some of the country’s newest cuisine.

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Favorite Asian Recipes Culinary Amina Amina, one of the top Moroccan culinary YouTubers with 1.91 million subscribers, runs this channel on the platform. She not only produces food-related videos for YouTube but also manages an Instagram account. She has 190K followers on Instagram. You can learn more about Amina’s many Moroccan recipes by viewing the videos on her channel. Cuisine Amina has currently released 988 videos that have received more than 100 million views.

COOKINGWITHALIA This channel’s owner, Alia, is a native of Morocco. She enjoys eating out, traveling, and sharing her love of cooking by producing amazing food content. In her channel’s playlist, she has released a number of videos, including ones about moony recipes, Buddha bowls, Carrefour Maroc, and Eid sweets. There are 859 videos overall on cookingwithalia, and there have been more than 70 million views. There are 391K subscribers.

Restaurant BUSHRAS The Bushras Cuisine YouTube channel focuses on showing viewers how to make simple, delicious meals quickly and easily. She joined YouTube in May 2017 and began cooking when she was very little. She currently has 38.5K subscribers, and that number is growing. There are 221 videos in total, and they have millions of views.

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Cook Rachelia The proprietor of this Youtube channel, Chef Rachida, as the name suggests, uses it to share her experience in the kitchen by posting various sorts of recipe videos. She doesn’t just cook Moroccan food; she also makes other kinds of food, including French pastry. There have only been 48 videos published, but they have received 20 million views. the 27.5K subscribers

A TOUR OF MOROCAN FOOD In 2017, the Moroccan Food Tour YouTube channel was launched with the primary goal of educating viewers about Moroccan cuisine and traditions. The 1.09K subscribers on this channel may not seem like a lot, but the videos are nonetheless worthwhile. They have discussed travel with chopsticks, bohemian cooking, and things to do in Morocco.

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Morocco’s KOUS KOUS BISTRO The host of this YouTube channel, Moumen Nouri, presents wonderful traditional Moroccan food dishes here. He first signed up for YouTube back in 2015, but he hasn’t been active lately. However, there are only 14 movies that have been published, and they are quite useful for educating us about Moroccan cuisine. The number of subscribers decreased as a result of the author of this channel being inactive for the previous few years. He currently has 240 subscribers, but he has received more than 50K views.

AWESOME MOROCCO The creator of the YouTube channel Tasty Morocco presents a range of recipes for Moroccan food there. The creator of this channel launched it in 2020, and he or she has hidden the number of subscribers. This channel has 91 videos overall, and there have been 35K views.

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CONCLUSION These are the top Moroccan food YouTubers to watch in 2021 if you want to discover some brand-new Moroccan dishes. Typically, Moroccan food is a fusion of Arab, Berber, Andalusian, and Mediterranean cooking styles.



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