Some applications require access to your location data in order to function properly. This is the reason why YouTube Music needs to know your exact location. However, a message from the business claims that will soon change.

Your location data is used by YouTube Music to accurately curate music for you. Maybe the employer might choose music for you to listen to while working. Alternatively, the app can suggest calming music for your return home. All of this has to do with the app’s attempt to recommend songs to listen to based on your location.

BUT YOUTUBE WILL STOP USING YOUR EXACT LOCATION FOR THIS YouTube said that it would stop using your exact location to provide recommendations.

Advertisement We’ve developed new strategies to connect you with the proper music throughout the past year. For instance, the activity bar at the top of Home now contains music for exercising, concentrating, and other activities.

On September 26th, the business will stop using your precise location, according to the post . If you disagree with what YouTube is doing, this is fantastic news because it is less than a month away. The business will stop utilizing your precise location and will also remove any information collected from it.

This does not, however, imply that YouTube will never utilize your location. It should be noted that the business stated the app will no longer use your precise location. Although this is accurate, the app will still use a rough location to provide recommendations. For some individuals, that could be a little disappointing, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Advertisement The app will, for example, recommend music based on your country rather than the specific building or district you are in. It can suggest the most well-liked music in your nation. The article also claimed that music might be suggested based on your weather. Be prepared for something akin to a playlist for rainy days.


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