YouTube channels will soon be able to be blocked in Google Discover. You may now limit which channels Discover shows content from without completely blocking YouTube. This new function is included in the Google Search app’s most recent version.

Google Discover is pre-installed on Android phones. The service may be found in Search, Chrome, and to the left of your home screen, albeit Chrome uses a slightly different implementation of the capability. It functions as a platform for content discovery. In order to provide you web information, YouTube videos, short films, and other items depending on your interests, Google tracks your online actions (search history).

Your interests can be manually curated by adding or removing topics. Additionally, Discover enables you to prevent certain publications, subjects, or content categories from appearing on the site. However, until recently, YouTube channels couldn’t use the same function. YouTube videos could be completely blocked, but not particular channels. Of course, this strategy wasn’t optimal, and Google is now correcting it.

Advertisement Although this modification is still in its experimental stage, it is already present in the Google Search app’s stable and beta editions. If you have it, you will notice a new option under the overflow (three vertical dots) menu that reads, “Don’t show content from “channel name” on YouTube.” This is in addition to the options already available to block YouTube as a whole or label the video topic as Uninterested.

One of the most recently requested enhancements, according to 9to5Google, who broke the news of this move, is the ability to restrict YouTube channels on Google Discover. Fake movie trailers were getting people’s Discover feeds sick and tired. If you’re bothered by these films, you might now be able to disable the channels that host them by updating the Google Search app (see below).

Google Discover Block YouTube Channels”>

Google Discover Block YouTube Channels

Advertisement GOOGLE DISCOVER CAN BE REMOVED FROM YOUR HOME SCREEN. Despite being a terrific resource for finding similar content, Google Discover may not be something you want on your home screen. Fortunately, you can quickly prevent it from appearing on the home screen without turning off the feature. Long-press the home screen to access the Home settings. The Lock screen and wallpaper section of the Settings app is where you can also locate the Home settings. Find Google Discover and turn it off.

But Google Discover will still be accessible through the Search app. As a result, using the app, you can quickly identify material that you might enjoy. To download the most recent version of Google Search from the Google Play Store, click the icon below.



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